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Consider today’s Editorial Board a belated welcome from TSL’s new senior staff. We felt it best to use this space in the last two issues to comment on two of the major issues that have been discussed on Pomona’s campus so far this semester: the Office of Campus Life’s “Gotcha” program, and the boycott of Frank and Frary during Family Weekend. If you missed those, we encourage you to visit our website to see where TSL’s editorial board stands on the issues of the day.

That said, this is the only space where TSL ever intends to express its opinion as an organization, and even this opinion is only that of the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editors. In our news section, we strive for balanced, unbiased, and comprehensive coverage of news in our community. If you feel that we are falling short of this goal, or if you simply have suggestions for things we should cover, please write in!

Likewise, our opinions section is meant to be an inclusive, provocative, and representative forum for the opinions of community members at the Claremont Colleges. Please help us achieve this goal by submitting an op-ed! We will accept pieces on almost any topic, though preference will be given to pieces written on salient issues in the community. Emailopinions@tsl.pomona.eduif you’re interested in contributing.

Likewise, we would love to receive more letters to the editor. A letter to the editor is an opportunity for you to give us your take on our content. Tell us why you loved or hated a piece, or present us with a viewpoint that you think we left out. Feel free also to emaileditor@tsl.pomona.eduwith any feedback on TSL at any time.

There is no way for TSL to grow and improve without feedback from its readers, so we hope you’ll take this invitation seriously. We strive to be a source of news and commentary for the 5C community, so please let us know how we might better achieve this goal!

We have extended office hours almost every day, and we encourage you to stop in and chat during those times or whenever you see that the lights are on.

Remember, TSL is your newspaper. And, if you’re a Pomona student, it’s paid for with your student fees. You deserve content that is informative, relevant, and vital. We need your help to make that happen.

We are looking forward to the rest of the semester!

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