Welcome Back to TSL

Now that some of the dust has settled and the semester has officially begun, we’d like to take the opportunity to welcome you back to another year of The Student Life.

In typical fashion, the new semester brings with it a fresh and ebullient new staff here at TSL, and we’re looking forward to continuing our mission of bringing quality journalism to the 5Cs.

Our News section will continue to provide high caliber, objective coverage of the issues that affect you—from workers’ rights to academic policy, and even the odd on-campus speaker. In addition, we will be devoting space to more in-depth reports and unique features in an attempt to bring more interesting and unknown stories into our daily campus interactions.

In Life & Style, our columnists and reporters are devoted to reflecting and expanding the trends and tastes on campus and beyond. We have a wide range of new and updated columns and recurring features which will be drawing on reader input throughout the semester.

The Opinions pages will continue to provide a space for students to engage in active discourse on as wide a range of topics as possible, from minute details of campus life to wide-ranging international debates. We will continue to publish a range of opinions from students from all ethical and political leanings, and as usual we encourage readers to submit their own ideas and arguments.

In Sports, we are making a push to promote fresh and interesting features that will appeal to students regardless of their interest in or knowledge of the sporting world. We will continue to provide updates and results for Sagehen sports, but we will also seek out new angles and unorthodox features that allow a deeper look into the life of a Pomona-Pitzer athlete. In addition, we hope to expand our coverage beyond the Claremont bubble, commenting on many areas of daily life that professional sports affect.

Since we are living in a digital age, we are continuing to develop the online presence of TSL. The web edition of the paper (www.tsl.pomona.edu) has the ability to house content beyond the limited 12 pages of our printed paper, and we will be using the tools of Web 2.0 to offer user-generated content from editors, columnists, and writers, and to break out of the bonds of the weekly news cycle.

As far as the print issue goes, you should start to notice new developments on the graphic side this semester. Our team of page designers, graphic artists, cartoonists, and photographers is working hard to bring together pages filled with engaging visual content. As the semester progresses, we will be producing more prominent collections of themed features and creative pages in order to approach our usual reporting in a new light.

Even with all of our plans for TSL this year, our newspaper ultimately responds to the beck and call of our readership. No matter your affiliation with the Claremont Colleges—student, faculty, staff, community member, or random stranger—we encourage you to let us know what you’re thinking. Send us a letter, post a comment on our website, or drop into our office in Walker. We love to hear feedback, and it doesn’t need to be positive. We will be sending out surveys to the student body this semester in order to truly gauge reader interest, but if you have something you want to say, please let us know.

Here’s to a great semester.

Nathan Schauer, Editor in Chief

Jesse Caro and Justine Selsing, Managing Editors

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