Corrections: April 30

A teaser that appeared at the bottom of the front page last week mischaracterized the tone of the article it referred to, which described plumbing problems that forced the Sagehen Café closed for two days last week. The headline for that article seemed to imply that the pipes that serve the café were responsible for the problem, but the source of the problem was the pipes beneath the Smith Campus Center courtyard, as the article indicated. In the article “Five Students Assaulted on Pomona’s Campus,” last week, TSL stated that the police spokesman we interviewed about the incident declined to provide his given name. The officer in question did provide his name, (which is Corporal Maddox), but did not provide his first name. In the article “Fulbright Fellowships Granted to 19 Pitzer Students” last week, we interviewed Solamon Estin, who is a male. After a quote, it says “she said” rather than “he.” He remains a male. An article about Pomona Senior Ian Carr’s film—which is an official selection at the Cannes film festival—incorrectly labeled his best friend and co-creator of the film “Adam Wesman.” His name is “Andrew Wesman.” Though the names both start with A, they remain different names. Near the end of the same article, Carr is quoted as saying that Cannes “averages about 1,600 selections,” per festival. However, being selected by Cannes is actually a rare honor—this year, only 13 films were selected. The correct statement would have been Cannes “averages about 1,600 submissions” per year, and Carr’s was one of the 13 chosen as an official selection. FYI: That’s way harder than getting phi beta kappa. We also forgot to include the website for Carr’s film, Shelley, in the article. The website is, and features hints as to Shelley’s “horrendous act.”

TSL regrets these errors.

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