Corrections: April 16

In article about this year’s Class Day speaker, Pomona College Trustee Scott Olivet PO ‘84 was incorrectly listed as having overseen marketing for Nike subsidiaries, including Converse and Hurley. In fact, Olivet oversaw all operations at the Nike subsidiaries, not just marketing. The article also incorrectly said that Olivet oversaw branding at the The Gap, inc. Olivet was actually in charge of real estate and store design.

An article that ran on page three of News on Apr. 2 did not disclose that the article’s author is a part of the MEDLIFE group that was the subject of the article. Gina Newman is not a news staff writer as her byline above the story incorrectly indicated. The article was a first-person perspective of her MEDLIFE trip to Lima, Peru.

An article in the Apr. 9 news section titled “OA Selection Proves Strict on Disciplinary History” misstates, at one point, whether or not the selection committee disqualifies applicants due to previous disciplinary misconduct. The committee does not review the disciplinary records. Instead, the committee makes its decisions, which are then reviewed by a dean who takes the student’s disciplinary record into consideration.

In an article on this month’s APSC elections published Apr. 9, Stephanie Almeida PO ’11 was reported as having won a three-way election for ASPC President. There were actually four candidates; Markham Shofner PO ’11 also ran for ASPC President.

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