Corrections: March 12

In the Mar. 5 issue, news staff writer Nik Tyack’s name was misspelled as “Nik Tyak” in the byline for “City Approves Partition of Bernard Field Station.” We also omitted the “C” in his last name (there is no “C” in the first, we’re sure) on articles he wrote in issues 2 and 3. We will make every effort to spell it correctly in the future.

In the bylines for “City Approves Partition of Bernard Field Station,” Ian Gallogly was incorrectly labeled a staff writer. He is actually the Distribution Manager. But he is on staff, and he did write the article.

In a news article entitled “Students-Only Forum Gathers Input on Alcohol Policy,” we printed Tigist Kipper. Kipper is actually a nickname we obtained from Facebook, and her real name is actually Tigist Kassahun.

The same article also incorrectly refers to the name of the committee that was meeting. The committee is called the Trustee Review Committee on Alcohol Policy, not the Alcohol Policy Review Committee.

On the front page of our Mar. 5 issue, we incorrectly printed that the Life & Style section’s Ariel Levy article started on page 7. The article actually started on page 5. The Opinion section article was on page 8, not “page ?.”

In the Ariel Levy article, we incorrectly — and very awkwardly — stated that Christie Hefner was “Playboy” Hugh’s wife. She is, in fact, his daughter.

On the front page, most of the “Outside the Bubble” section was printed in a previous issue. As a newspaper, we strive to deliver new content every week.

In a news article titled “Off-Campus Housing May be Necessary this Fall,” the caption of the photo referred to the picture as an example of “off-campus housing.” It was actually the Cottages, a perfect example of on-campus housing.

The corrections section in last week’s issue noted that John Thomason regretted the errors in TSL, and that TSL regretted John Thomason. Thomason, a managing editor for TSL, did regret those errors, as does TSL. TSL does not regret, and is, in fact, very grateful for the services provided by John Thomason. TSL still regrets those errors as well as these.

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