ASPC Senate Passes Resolution in Support of Workers

The ASPC Senate is elected to serve as a voice for the student body in the community at large. As an assembled body, we have met with concerned students, dining hall staff, and administrators about the issue of dining hall workers’ rights to unionize. As the process develops, we are monitoring the proceedings as best we can, and will continue to act in a manner most appropriate for student representatives.

Our stance is based in the firm support of the workers in their search for a better way to express their needs within the Pomona College community.Resolution of the Senate of the Associated Students of Pomona CollegeMarch 11, 2010

WHEREAS Article III of the ASPC Constitution charges the Senate with the responsibility to represent the student body on all major issues; and

WHEREAS we are a community which values and respects the voices and concerns of every member; and

WHEREAS many students have apprehensions about whether the rights of dining hall workers to organize and freely voice their concerns are being respected and responded to;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate of the Associated Students of Pomona College:

Affirms the workers’ rights to organize as a collective bargaining unit.

Supports workers’ right to make procedural decisions in an environment that is free of intimidation and interference from any party involved.

Urges the College to address this issue in a timely, direct manner that fairly and accurately addresses worker concerns.

Calls for the administration to maintain continual communication with the Senate throughout this process.

Will continue to make information available to students so that we can engage in this issue and support the workers as all see fit.

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