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How is the ASPC different from Pomona College? What do my student fees pay for?

Pomona College and the Associated Students of Pomona College are in fact two separately incorporated non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. They do not mix funds or share money except for the fact that the College collects the mandatory student fee and remits it to the ASPC each semester. The Senate allocates these student fees to student clubs and groups as well as to support large organizations like OTL, The Student Life, KSPC, Club Sports, and Ballroom Dance. A large proportion is also allocated to CCLA, a committee of the ASPC Senate that is charged with social programming.

What else does the ASPC do in addition to funding all these clubs and events?

In addition to representing the student body in the governance and operations of the College, the ASPC owns and operates the Coop Store and Coop Fountain, and is the central accountant for all of the student organizations across the five colleges. In addition to student fees, the ASPC also has supplementary streams of earned revenue, including returns on our reserve investments, vending machine income and our Amazon.com program.

Do student fees pay for alcohol?


So who is paying for the alcohol at these events?

The ASPC funds alcohol at student events with earned revenue. There is an ASPC Alcohol Fund, administered by the ASPC Budget Committee, which provides funding to organizations for non-weekly events where alcohol is served, as well as Symposium. At present the ASPC Alcohol Fund is financed by vending machine revenue. For CCLA events, a separate CCLA-specific alcohol fund deriving earned revenue from ticket sales provides funding.

Other weekly events derive funding from various locations. Fraternity-sponsored events (like Sigma Tau’s Boot, Kappa Delta’s Pub, and Nu Alpha Phi’s Wash) are funded by members’ dues and alumni donations. The Alumni Association provides funding for alcohol at Junior-Senior Social. Contrary to popular belief, Pomona College itself is not paying for your alcohol.

If my organization wants to hold an event with alcohol, what is the process?

This process begins in the ASPC office, where there are forms to register spaces for events with alcohol. Based on the time, day of the week, and expected attendance of your event, the SCC staff will approve your event for a certain amount of alcohol. If you are seeking funding for the alcohol, you can submit a request to the ASPC Alcohol Fund as well. The Budget Committee will consider your application and allocate funding accordingly. The alcohol fund operates on a reimbursement basis; the organizing group must purchase the alcohol in advance, and then turn in a receipt to the ASPC office.

Where can I learn more about this?

You can always contact a member of the Senate, or email Senate@pomona.edu with any questions, comments or concerns related to the ASPC or life at Pomona College in general.

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