Welcome from The Editorial Board

Welcome back to a new semester and a new TSL. We have again assembled a great staff and hope to continue to make improvements to The Student Life, bringing you quality coverage of campus events and discourse.

We believe that the role of student media is not solely to stand on the sidelines, but to serve as a conduit for open and frank conversation. We will work to make the paper a greater resource for the campus community in each of our departments.

In the News section, we will continue to uphold the highest journalistic standards of objectivity and comprehensive coverage in order to present the student body with the clearest possible picture of events. This means that we will present voices on all sides of the conversation.

In our Life & Style section, we are working to introduce coverage of a wider variety of 5-C activities and to make the section more interactive through our sex and advice columns—both of which are accepting reader submissions.

In our Opinions section, we will present a range of views on any number of pressing campus issues, national political arguments, and everything in between. We also encourage our readers to write opinions on pressing issues, and to engage in the campus discourse on our pages through letters to the editor.

In Sports, we hope to expand the scope of Sagehen coverage, giving you up-to-the-minute updates online, consistent reporting on our teams, and quality sports journalism on the page.

The Student Life has made a number of strides in the past few years, and we are happy to be taking the helm this semester with improvements of our own. But The Student Life newspaper doesn’t stand alone. We ask for our readers’ help in engaging with the issues we cover in our pages, turning the printed words into grounds for discussion and action. We are always open to constructive feedback. Write us a letter, post a comment on tsl.pomona.edu, or just come in and talk to us. Our door is always open.

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