Oldenborg resumes conversation programming in person

Students chat and learn French at Oldenborg tables.
As Pomona College’s Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations returns to in person programming, language tables won’t be over lunch as they have been in past years. (Anna Choi • The Student Life)

The Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations’ lunch tables at Pomona College are back in person, but at least for now, sans the lunch. 

Oldenborg is a residence hall on Pomona’s south campus that houses students in sections according to the language they study. 

In the past, Oldenborg’s dining hall offered language lunch tables where any 5C students could eat as long as they conversed in one of the 14 languages offered. 

In a Sept. 27 email to Pomona students, Oldenborg Staff Director Carolina De la Rosa Bustamante announced that the center’s tables, which had been held virtually for the last two semesters and the beginning of September, would resume in person. 

Due to COVID-19 precautions and a pause on cross-campus dining, Oldenborg is reopening for all 5C language students, as well as any faculty and staff who wish to attend, but with no eating allowed. According to the email, some beverages will be allowed.

As a result of the restrictions, most of the language tables will not be held at lunchtime this year. To reduce density at the meetings, conversations will take place on a scattered schedule throughout the day, six days a week, as laid out in the Sakai schedule.

As in the past, beginning speakers in Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish and French can also find specific sessions on the schedule.

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