Senate Briefs 4/11

Night Owls

First up this week, the Senate heard updates from various media organizations on campus. KSPC, on air 24/7 and live on air consistently from 8 am – 2 am, has tried to do a lot of campus outreach as of late, including giveaways to dining halls and students, as well as pairing with the 47th birthday of the number 47 and giving away tickets every hour on the 47. They’re still looking for people to fill that 2 am – 6 am slot every night…

The Traitor Himself

John “Blue Devil” Thomason ‘12, Editor in Chief of the TSL, made his triumphant return to the Senate after his resignation earlier this semester. He happily reported that the new TSL website is up and running and “is not dependent on a former Senator.” The new website has an interface that allows for an easier translation from web to print formatting, and will mitigate a lot of costs going down the road since it’s a compact system. Thomason discussed the possibility of putting content online as its edited and before its published, but he was unsure whether or not it would decrease readership of the physical paper. He seems to think that a lot of people are already reading the TSL online; I think he needs to reevaluate.

No Sleep For Chew

Thomason questioned whether it was possible for TSL staff to get academic credit for writing for the paper. Sophomore Class President Charley Vallejo-Anderson ‘13 was worried, noting that if people received academic credit they would no longer be paid and would no longer want to work for the TSL. Commissioner of Communications Derek Schiable ‘11, who replaced Thomason after his dubious departure from the Senate, noted that ID-1 interns switched from getting paid to getting credit a few years back and that there have been no problems with the switch. First Year Class President Robert “DP” Chew ‘14, inexplicably dressed like a boxer and donning two giant Greek letters on his back, asked, “What’s an ID intern?” Thomason sternly replied, “I was your TA, Robert.” Maybe if you were allowed to sleep you’d remember simple facts, Chewy.


After TSL, Studio47 was next to report. Studio47 is a 5C student organization that provides equipment and connects and supports the college community outside of media studies. Pomona members make up the majority of Studio47, but all 5C students are welcome. They have had difficulties advertising, “because every year there’s new students and people graduate” and because they “focus on advertising events and often forget to advertise that you can just come.” Here’s your advertisement: non-media studies majors can go check out cameras at Studio47 and take workshops ranging from learning to use a camera to mastering Final Cut Pro to green screening. All you people graduating – make sure you let Studio47 know first.

Congrats, Stephanie!

After a few mundane discussions about possible revisions to the Constitution and ownership of computers, the meeting was about to be brought to a close until Neil Gerard announced that ASPC President Stephanie Almeida ‘11 had just received a Fullbright in Portugal. The whole Senate, including former-Senator Thomason (who offered to stay for the meeting, to which Schiable commented “We couldn’t get you to stay last time”) congratulated Almeida. She was noticeably in a good mood the entire meeting – I only received the death stare six times.

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