Pomona Joins GI Education Program

Pomona College is the first and only member of the 5Cs to participate in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program.

“I’d love to see all of the Claremont Colleges in the program,” President David Oxtoby said.

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a provision of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, effective Aug. 1, which allows participating colleges to help veterans pay the difference between their tuition and the highest in-state tuition rate. Participating schools can contribute up to 50 percent of the difference, and Veterans Affairs will match those contributions.

Yellow Ribbon is designed to help veterans pay for more expensive private institutions, more expensive public institution programs, and out-of-state public institutions. About 460,000 veterans are expected to benefit from the first year of the program.

Oxtoby said the Yellow Ribbon Program is beneficial because of the “type of student it would add to campus.”

Veterans would bring to the campus “their life experience and…be a little more mature,” Oxtoby said.

Pomona will support up to five veterans through the program and has agreed to contribute the maximum tuition aid possible.

Dartmouth University, George Washington University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology are three more of the 1,165 participating colleges across the country. Many schools that only offer need-based aid, such as Princeton, are not participating in the program because it conflicts with their financial aid systems.

The intricate details of the bill caused the application deadline to be delayed while participating schools familiarized themselves with the bill. The Yellow Ribbon Program does not replace the Montgomery GI Bill, which also provides educational credit to veterans.

For more information on Pomona’s Yellow Ribbon Program visit the Pomona College Financial Aid

Web site

or call (909)621-8205. For specific information on the GI Bill call 1-888-GIBILL-1.

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