News Bites – Week of April 8

CMC Government Professor Receives $250,000 Prize

Claremont McKenna government professor Charles Kesler recently received the 2018 Bradley Prize, which includes a $250,000 stipend.

Kesler was one of three recipients of the award, out of an application pool of nearly 200.

Recipients of the award are honored for “advancing the ideals of freedom in both academia and public policy,” a CMC press release said.

Kesler is a political scientist, and was described by Politico as “the Intellectual Avatar of Trumpism” in an article titled “50 Ideas Blowing Up American Politics (and the people behind them).”

— Laney Pope

Pomona Forms Sexual Assault Task Force

Pomona College is forming a new committee on sexual violence intervention and prevention, President G. Gabrielle Starr announced in an email to students April 3.

“Pomona College is committed to providing a safe and nondiscriminatory educational, working and residential environment for all,” Starr wrote.

The committee will evaluate current policies and the culture surrounding them, increase support for survivors, and monitor reports of sexual misconduct, among other responsibilities.

The task force will also be “promoting a climate of safety and awareness,” her email read.

— Laney Pope

Podcast Host Jad Abumrad Visits Pomona

Jad Abumrad, host and creator of acclaimed podcasts “Radiolab” and “More Perfect,” visited Pomona College Thursday.

In a conversation moderated by Pomona politics professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky, Abumrad talked about the trajectory of his career and the benefits of a liberal arts education.

Prior to the official talk, Abumrad met with selected students for a Q&A including specifics about the inner workings of his podcasts and challenges he faced as a journalist.

Abrumad’s “Radiolab” is one of the most popular podcasts in the U.S., and has been recognized with numerous accolades, including a Peabody Award. Its website describes it as a “show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

— Laney Pope

ASCMC Proposes Wellness Vending Machine

At the April 1 ASCMC meeting, senators suggested a wellness vending machine that would dispense products such as Plan B One-Step contraceptive, tampons, pregnancy tests, and condoms, according to The CMC Forum.

This initiative follows a similar SAS proposal from earlier this year and an ASPC initiative completed in 2014.

The machine would be located on CMC’s campus, but would be available to all 5C students.

— Laney Pope

Pitzer Senate Discusses Renewing Student Initiative Fund

Pitzer College Student Senate introduced a bill last Sunday to enact a permanent Student Initiative Fund. Through this bill, the SIF will receive $15,000 of the Senate’s annual budget.

The Senate will likely vote on the bill this Sunday.

The first SIF this year paid for a hammock structure and numerous other projects.

Three senators and a Senate chairperson will compose the Student Initiative Committee, which will oversee the SIF, the Pitzer Student Senate minutes said.

The SIF will be “allocated exclusively toward student-organized one-time projects that enhance the student experience at Pitzer College,” the minutes said.

As with this year, students will be able to vote on which student initiatives will receive SIF funds through an online election.

— Laney Pope

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