Major Changes for Pomona’s Summer Housing Policies

Pomona’s summer housing policy has undergone several modifications since last summer. The largest change was the introduction of less-strict interpretation of current policy, while retaining a no-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

Last summer, about 200-250 students lived in the dorms for varying periods of time. Under the summer 2008 policies, any possession of alcohol or drugs resulted in a loss of summer residential privileges. The updated policy has introduced a Progressive Discipline Policy, which will apply to violations that do not include hard alcohol or drugs, and has an added step before expulsion from summer housing. Under this policy, the first offense will result in a fine of $100, notification of the resident’s summer supervisor, and a meeting with a Dean from the Office of Campus Life; in the past, the first offense merited immediate removal from summer housing. The second violation under the policy will result in removal from summer housing within 48 hours and a ban on future summer housing for that resident. The first offense for hard alcohol or drugs will receive the same penalty. Violations of summer housing policy will not affect the resident’s housing situation for future academic semesters.

When asked why the summer housing policy differed from the housing policy during the school year, Associate Dean Sarah Visser responded that the nature of housing policy during the summer was “inherently different,” citing the lack of J-Board and other disciplinary resources available to the Office of Campus Life, as well as emphasizing that summer housing was more of a privilege than normal housing.

One variation from the academic year involves the policy regarding residents present in a room where violations occurred. According to the Summer Housing Policies and Procedures, “Any person present in a room during a policy violation is likely to be held responsible, regardless of his/her level of participation.” During the regular school year, participation may be taken into account in distributing punishments.

Aside from concerns about the differences between summer and academic year housing policies, other concerns include the duration and quality of summer housing. Summer housing is officially available from Jun. 1 until Aug. 14, and the time between school semesters and these dates could potentially cause financial hardship for students forced to fly home during these times. Visser said that the housing director, Deanna Bos, would be willing to provide housing for students in the interim periods in some situations, depending on availability. Furthermore, while in the past, programming on campus during the summer months was limited, the Smith Campus Center will receive a budget this summer for recreational activities.

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