ASPC Senate Briefs

Marijuana is apparently moderately popular on campus now.

ASPC President Eliza Finley PO ’09 called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m. Director of Smith Campus Center Neil Gerard was glad that the gavel had returned to meetings. Senators then introduced themselves to Associate Dean of Campus Life Sarah Visser. North Campus Representative Kevin Frick PO ’09 mentioned that it was Sarah Visser who originally encouraged him to run for the position. Academic Affairs Commissioner Rhett Dornbach-Bender PO ’09 commented that maybe Senate should blame Visser for all the trouble she caused. Visser then discussed proposed changes to the college’s summer housing policy. The policy will now have a two-strike system for policy violations that are not deemed strict violations in the student code. Gerard clarified the policy and general knowledge of student life when he said, “I hear that marijuana is moderately popular on campus. I just want to be clear that if there is a room where marijuana is being consumed, everyone in that room would be subject to removal from campus.”

For only $105, we can have the Daily Chirp!

Finley then told senators that since the mayor of Claremont would be coming to the meeting after 6 p.m., ASPC would be paying for dinner from the Coop for all senators. The meeting then resumed, although the senators then had trouble focusing on the minutes as they contemplated dinner. After approving minutes, Finley passed around flyers for Wednesday’s budget forum. Senior Class President Julie Tate PO ’09 then announced that she had investigated changing the name of the Digester to the “Daily Chirp,” its name before it became an electronic publication. Tate informed the Senate that changing the name would cost $105. Frick said that it was clearly worth it since then he could say “I’m going to go chirp that event.” Commissioner of Off-Campus Relations Tammy Zhu PO ’09 thought that it was a waste of money. Finley said that the money could come from her discretionary fund, instead of a Senate dinner. When Frick realized that the discussion involved food, he wasn’t so sure he could back the Daily Chirp. Finley decided that she would use her discretionary funds to pay for the change. Almeida demonstrates survey-reading abilities. Next, South Campus Representative Stephanie Almeida PO ’09 told the Senate about the food committee’s recommendation for college meal plans. According to a survey conducted by the food committee, most students would prefer a 16-meal plan, and most students would prefer that flex not be attached to the number of meals, although five students who took the survey claimed that they preferred the currently more restrictive system where students choose a meal plan and flex amount together. Almeida said that under the proposed system, Flex dollars will be priced dollar for dollar on the meal plan system. Zhu then reported on her visit to the Claremont City Council meeting. She told Senate that the city council voted 3-2 against continuing the trolley program in Claremont. Environmental Affairs Commissioner Samantha Kanofsky PO ’09 then announced the many events occurring for Earth Week.ASPC has almost as much debt as the Bush Administration. Next, Vice President for Finance Ian Kwok PO ’09 announced that he had arrived at a preliminary budget for next year. He said that the budget this year is forecasted to have a $30,000 deficit before income from the coop store and fountain. Kwok said that this would require drawing $30,000 from the ASPC reserves. Tate argued that ASPC needs to support clubs in this time of budget crisis. Senate remained divided on the issue of budget deficits.Wait, a Real Politician at a Senate Meeting? Finally, Claremont Mayor Corey Calaycay spoke to the Senate about his role in the relationship between the city and college. Kanofsky asked Calaycay about student-friendly business in the village, to which the mayor responded that although the village has been opening up to more businesses, it is difficult to balance value with the interests of locally owned business. Calaycay also spoke about the Bernard Field Station. He said he was trying not to get involved in the issue, and that he hoped that the colleges would be able to resolve the matter internally. Finley ended the meeting at 6:45 p.m.

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