Senate Briefs Nov. 19, 2017 to Dec. 1, 2017

Scripps Associated Students 

The meeting opened with a presentation by Scripps Associated Students President Kelly Peng SC ’18 about her meeting with new Director of Campus Life Brenda Ice, at which they discussed her role on SAS going forward. Vice President of Activities Kaya Mark SC ’18 recapped Eurobash, and noted that no students had to be medically transported from the event.

Senior Class Presidents Aliza Adler SC ’18 and Helen Thomason SC ’18 announced that they are organizing an end-of-classes celebration for students on Dec. 8, and co-Treasurer Grace Wang SC '19 said that she received monetary checks this week.

Next, first year representative Julia Kelly SC ’21 discussed several events, including Scripps friendsgiving and the “Go Stag” CMS event, as well as the upcoming 2000s event.

Sustainability Chair Leta Ames SC ’18 then spoke about ongoing planning for free Diva Cup distribution events and application reviews for next semester’s Sustainability Chair, and Student Organizations Chair Maddie Warman SC ’20 spoke about planning for the winter dinner.

Then, Junior Class President Casey Harris SC ’19 announced that the commencement speaker survey had closed, and Sophomore Class President Aleah Brooker SC ‘20 told SAS about her plans for a Study Abroad application party. Also, Diversity and Inclusivity Chair Abby Clarke SC ’20 spoke about a meeting of the Leadership Council.

Finally, Peng presented announcements on behalf of other senators, including that a rescheduled forum, an update on SAS’s Core review, and the events of a Faculty Executive Committee meeting with primary contact deans.

The Senate then moved on to discussions about legislation. SAS voted to grant $4,000 to help fund two Diva Cup giveaway events at Pitzer College with ten senators voting for the proposal and four abstaining.

The meeting ended with a discussion of issues that Scripps first-years living in Claremont Graduate University apartments have encountered. The students reported that CGU students are using a common area reserved for Scripps students. Resident Advisor Representative Julia Ruiter SC ’18 agreed to speak with the Scripps RAs at CGU and Assistant Dean Christopher Dennis to address the issue.

Marc Rod PO '20

Associated Students of Pomona College

Associate Dean of Campus Life and Director of the Smith Campus Center Ellie Ash-Balá opened the meeting with an about Foothill Transit Class Passes. The new approved program would allow for students from all parts of CUC to get a free reusable pass for the Foothill Transit bus, which travels a variety of distances in the LA area. Maria Vides PO '18 also announced that airport ride services would be making a comeback in the near semester.

Guest speaker Sue McCarthy spoke with ASPC about her first semester as the new Title IX Coordinator on campus. When asked what plans she hopes to bring to Pomona and the consortium in general, McCarthy answered that any new initiatives should be determined in collaboration with the students and faculty. She also spoke of dividing her efforts with the Title IX program in terms of reporting, response, and prevention. Her ultimate aim in this position is to empower marginalized voices, have student voices be heard, and prioritize survivors. Other priorities on her list included offender accountability and bystander intervention programs.

Meredith Simpson PO ‘19 brought up a topic that was being discussed within the Academic Affairs Office regarding student contribution in the governance system. Academic Dean Audrey Bilger and the Academic Dean’s Office hoped to have more direct conversations with the student body through ASPC.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing quarterly check-ins and questions that would be brought up with the Residence Hall Staff at the next meeting.

Karen Song PO '21

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