Senate Briefs Nov. 5

Scripps Associated Students

Scripps Associated Students Vice President of Student Activities Kaya Mark SC '18 discussed planning for Eurobash, an annual party thrown by Scripps. Mark also mentioned a committee meeting about a sustainability fair for this semester.

The Resident Advisor representative gave a summary of the Claremont Colleges' Sex Week and Community Care Week.

Abby Clark SC '20, the diversity and inclusivity chair, updated the Senate about her meeting with the judicial council about events for next semester, which might include hiking with a professor and a movie excursion. She also discussed the possibility of affinity-based housing for next year.

The senior class co-president Helen Thomason SC '18 is planning a thesis party. Sustainability chair Leta Ames SC '18 is working on a resource-mapping project.

Jojo Sanders SC '20

Pitzer College Student Senate

Pitzer College Student Senate met on Sunday to vote on several pieces of legislation, including three amendments to its constitution.

During executive board reports, acting-vice president Simone Bishara PZ ‘18 said she would be taking over some of the presidential duties.

Former President Hajar Hammado PZ ‘18, who has stepped down from the office temporarily to recover from a concussion, spoke publicly for the first time about the events of her injury.

“It’s a pretty shitty story,” she said. “I walked into a door.”

When asked how she was doing, she replied “broken, but here.”

Treasurer Jacquelyn Aguilera PZ '19 gave a monthly budget committee finance report. This semester, half of expenditures have gone to conference funding, 32.7 percent has gone to Pitzer clubs, and the remaining dollars have gone to 5C clubs and capital expenses, she said.

After debate over some of last year’s executive board expenditures, including the purchase of 600 stress balls, the Senate voted to amend bill 54-B-05, which will appropriate several thousand dollars from the Reserve Fund for delayed reimbursements from the 2015-16 academic year, to remove reimbursements for those executive board purchases.

Senator Shivani Kavuluru PZ ‘19 said last year’s executive board — on which she served as secretary — made “illegitimate” purchases, and that the legislature should have been notified. Senator Dana Nothnagel PZ ‘19 said the board “clearly has had a spending problem.”

Liam Brooks PZ '18

Associated Students of Pomona College

The Associated Students of Pomona College meeting opened with announcements, including the 5C Junior Pub Trivia Night at Scripps happening on Nov. 9, the 6th Street Rivalry Tailgate taking place on Nov. 11, and the Latino alliance’s event Cafe con Profe.

Next, Chloe An PO ‘18 presented the logistical issue of Walker Wall Paint: no one was in charge of maintenance after groups rented and returned the paint. The senators are still working on a suitable plan that will allow for ASPC to maintain the quality and rental of the paint while the Hive continues to store it for student use.

The majority of the meeting consisted of project presentations by North Campus rep Zemia Edmonson ‘20, Vice President Carlos Hernandez ‘18, and President Maria Vides ‘18.

– Karen Song PO '21

Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College discussed a constitutional amendment regarding transparency and a proposal to build a hammock lounge in Mid Quad.

President Pro Tempore Thomas Shalke CM ‘18 announced a constitutional amendment, which includes a provision that would require all electronic communications pertaining to votes be made public. (The full log of potential constitutional changes can be found on the CMC forum website.)

The proposal to build a hammock lounge, led by executive vice president Patrick Elliott CM ’19 and Campus Improvements Committee chair Biniyam Asnake CM ’20, with the help of Ken Eppinger at Story House, has been an ongoing movement and aims to create a free-standing structure for students to use with personal or rented hammocks.

ASCMC senators were hesitant about approving the proposal due to budget implications. If the plan goes through, Elliot and Asnake would be requesting roughly $1,500 from Senate and about $3,500 from the Executive Board. In addition to this initial cost, ASCMC would be held responsible for any costs for damages or theft that take place in the hammock lounge. The plan is still under consideration.

– Karen Song PO '21

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