Senate Briefs Oct. 29

Scripps Associated Students

The SAS Executive Board Meeting began with updates. First-year president Julia Kelly SC '21 planned several events for the class, including a baking event. Leta Ames SC ‘18 reported that the first Sustainability Committee had occurred and that the committee was hoping to make sustainability a part of the President Tieden’s five-year plan. Treasurers Grace Wang and Romanshi Gupta SC ‘19 reported an increased number of funding requests from SAS and encouraged others to apply.

Diversity and Inclusivity Chair Abby Clarke wrote to the board that she wants to plan an event with career planning and resources that focuses on opportunities for students of minority identities.

Executive Vice President Irene Yi requested that SAS approve an increase of $154 for the Office of the Executive Vice President in proportion to the 1.5% of the budget that the office has received in the past. The board approved the increase 13-0-2. Yi and President Kelly Peng SC ‘18 abstained.

The Scripps College Senate also had its first meeting. The Senate highlighted its areas of priority such as sustainability, mental health resources, POC spaces, and academic resources.

–Sam Norrito SC '21

Associated Students of Claremont McKenna

The meeting opened with a presentation from President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ‘18 on proposed changes to the Constitution, including adding a Non-Discrimination Clause; adding a 50%+1 majority vote and defining abstentions; giving the Clubs and Organizations Chair a vote on the Executive Board; fixing numbering issues; and making all email chains public in Senate minutes, with a provision to make them private via a vote.

Some senators disputed the provision regarding email publicity, and the Senate discussed the issue. Ultimately, Schalke changed the wording of the proposed clause allow the Executive Board to block the publication of email chains by a majority vote. The changes will be discussed further at the Executive Board meeting Sunday.

Marc Rod PO'20

Pitzer College Student Senate

Pitzer College Student Senate met on Sunday to discuss a recently completed Title IX Audit and several pieces of legislation, including two proposed constitutional amendments.

Pitzer Title IX Coordinator Corinne Vorenkamp and Senate Vice President Lora McManus PZ ‘18 presented on the audit by skipping to the fourth of five slides in the presentation, a summary of the findings. Several senators asked about specific plans moving forward from the audit. Vorenkamp said she would “very much love [student] leadership” on the matter, and encouraged students to call for a special College Council meeting to discuss concrete action.

During open forum, Senator Isaiah Kramer PZ ‘20 called for more relaxed rationing of free toilet paper.

“Recently, I was able to gather entire bags full of toilet paper to feed my eight suitemates, and when I came back I could only take two,” he said.

Senator Donnie TC Denome PZ ‘20 added that it would be helpful if toilet paper was available in locations other than the housing office, especially for students who may have health and mobility issues.

During weekly reports, Senator Simone Bishara PZ ‘18 questioned McManus’s report on the upcoming Israel/Palestine town hall, which was re-designated as a “listening session” for a newly formed working group. McManus identified Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life Dan Hirsch with encouraging this decision, which resulted in an audible murmur from the Senate body.

New business included the introduction of resolution 54-R-03, which would scale the financial aid budget in proportion to donations.

Next introduced was bill 54-B-05, which would appropriate about $6,000 to pay for delayed 2016-17 reimbursements.

Proposed amendments included 54-A-01, which would move student-body-wide votes on constitutional amendments to the same ballots as elections for representatives; amendment 54-A-02, which would loosen membership requirements for student organizations; and amendment 54-A-03, which would create a new committee of senators empowered with constitutional review similar to the U.S. Supreme Court (a power previously granted to the executive board) and restructure Judicial Council membership.

Also introduced were bills 54-B-06, which would pay for a new ice machine for the Grove House, and 54-B-07, which would ban the use of student activities fees to purchase shopping bags, and invest in 75 shared reusable bags instead.

Liam Brooks PZ'18



Correction: Monday, Nov. 6 at 10:26 a.m. — An earlier version of this article mischaracterized Pitzer Student Senate Amendment 54-A-03. The amendment creates a new senate committee for constitutional review and adjudication; it does not grant that power to Judicial Council.

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