Senate Briefs 10/22

Pitzer College Student Senate

At the Senate's Oct. 22 meeting, economics professor Maya Federman gave a special presentation on the Judicial Reform Committee. The committee is working towards increasing consistency and transparency in the Pitzer judicial system by evaluating and reforming its own processes.

Environmental analysis professor Susan Phillips then presented the possibility of creating a Bias Incident Report Team for the college. This team would deal with Pitzer students who experienced bias-related incidents. Although Pitzer does not define bias-related incidents in their student handbook, this decision is likely in response to Pomona's statement on a secret meme group, which defines incidents as bias-related when they “are expressions of hostility against another individual (or group) because of the other person’s (or group's) race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender identity or expression and sexual orientation, or because the perpetrator perceives that the other person (or group) has one or more of these characteristics.​”

During executive board reports, Treasurer Jacqueline Aguilera PZ '19 briefed the Senate on the recent budget committee meeting. Among other items, the budget committee approved funding to send a student to a writing conference and denied funding to a student to present research at the 2017 Israeli-American National Conference.

A member of the Senate called a motion to overturn the decision to deny funding to that student. After a lively discussion, the Senate voted on the motion. With 14 out of 30 votes, this motion did not pass.

On Saturday at 3 p.m., California State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino will be speaking in Skandera Hall as a part of the Mindful of the Future series. There was a town hall meeting in the McConnell Living Room at 10 a.m. to discuss the Title IX audit. In response to the decision by the Pitzer Board of Trustees to rescind a budgetary amendment made by the Senate, there will be a town hall meeting Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. in the Gold Center multi-purpose room.

Jojo Sanders SC '20


Scripps Associated Students

At the Oct. 26 meeting of Scripps Associated Students, members provided updates regarding the SAS website, 5C events, commencement speakers, meetings, and events. Treasurers Grace Wang SC ’19 and Romanshi Gupta SC ’19 updated the board on new reimbursement forms, Venmo, and budget request planning.

The Board voted on the budget for 5C Halloween Party and Mudd Fun Ball. Additional Senate updates included 5C student government bonding. The board also discussed 5C Christian InterVarsity Group, noting that they have not been funded by SAS for several years but that student governments legally cannot discourage 5CIV to disaffiliate from the national organization. The Senate agreed to follow up on a Latinx student organization budget request as well as creating a map of student resources on Scripps campus.

–Helena Ong PO '20


Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

On Oct. 23, the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College met with Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Civil Rights Officer Nyree Gray and 5C Christian InterVarsity staff member Kate Vosberg. They discussed the college’s nondiscrimination clause and the national organization’s approach to LGBTQIA+ issues.

Clubs and Organization Chair Chloe Amarilla CMC ‘19 gave a presentation about giving the Clubs and Organization Chair voting power in the Executive Board. Additional updates included Consortium Affairs Chair Elijah Jackson CMC ‘19 discussing a weekly information message about 5C events. Committees updated the board on Career Services mentorship, funding advertisements, and the heat wave.

The Environmental Committee discussed reducing paper waste in the computer labs and mailroom as well as an event with Pitzer regarding waste produced at the dining halls. Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott CMC ‘19 also updated the body that the Hub will extend its hours on Thursdays to midnight.

–Helena Ong PO '20

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