Senate Briefs: Week of Oct. 8

 Pitzer College Student Senate

The Pitzer College Student Senate convened Oct. 8, and began its meeting with executive board reports.

President Hajar Hammado PZ ’18 announced that the Pitzer Board of Trustees will hold a meeting on campus this coming Friday and Saturday.

The Senate voted unanimously to approve a bill that will allocate $5,000 to fund the Mindful of the Future Speakers Series, a program that aims to bring politically and socially involved speakers to Pitzer.

The Senate then voted 15-3 to indefinitely table a bill that would have overturned a clause in the budget bylaws that prohibits clubs to buy alcohol with student funds.

The Senate announced that there will be a town hall meeting on Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. for Pitzer students to discuss a Senate amendment banning the use of Pitzer club funds on certain products associated with Israel, which was nullified by the Board of Trustees this summer

Events board chair Elijah Pantoja PZ '18 announced that the 5C event committee heads would be releasing a statement in support of communities affected by domestic violence.

–Jojo Sanders SC '20

Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

The newly established Campus Organizations Committee presented itself to the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College on Monday. The student-run committee is composed of a chair and five club liaisons. The goal of the committee is to provide support to CMC clubs and strengthen connections among the ASCMC, clubs, and the student body. Each liaison is dedicated to a group of clubs: music and arts, service and athletics, academics, special interest clubs, and identity-based clubs.

The director of CMC Advocates gave a presentation about the first annual Sex Week at CMC that will take place Oct. 23 to 27. The goal of Sex Week is to educate the student body on topics of safe sex. It will consist of a series of events throughout the week, including information sessions such as “Intro to BDSM” and “Talking to a Partner about STIs” as well as talks from guest speakers. Students can earn tickets at these events to spend at the Sex Carnival at the end of the week. ASCMC voted 16-0 with one abstention favor of giving Sex Week $1,250.

Representatives from the 5C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship spoke in support of their organization, which seeks to connect the Christian community at the 5Cs. 5C student senates had previously declined to fund the club because of its affiliation with the national InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which has anti-LGBTQIA+ policies.

The representatives said their chapter does not agree with these policies and is non-discriminatory, but it needs support and funding from the national organization. This discussion brought up some broader questions about ASCMC’s policy on supporting clubs that affiliate with organizations that do not align with the college’s values. The conversation on this matter will continue at the next executive board meeting.

–Leah Kelly PZ '21

Scripps Associated Students

Scripps Associated Students' Sunday meeting began with general updates from members, including information regarding the upcoming Eurobash Event, discussion of future Senate applications, and a plan to implement composting at the college. A member of the officer board attended a planning event for the Board of Trustees last week. The student representatives want to increase communication between the 5Cs.

Next, treasurers Grace Wang SC ‘19 and Romanshi Gupta ‘SC 19 said the Scripps Laspa Center, a leadership organization, is launching an application for students to get money from Laspa. The Scripps Funding Advisory Committee is also exploring increased transparency, but there are concerns over confidentiality.

SAS also discussed the first Board of Trustees meeting of the year, and gave a presentation regarding the Board's goals for the year.

The Board discussed communication efforts and outreach to the rest of the Scripps campus. Emails that have been sent out so far have received positive feedback.

In response to a statement of solidarity emailed last week by Kaya Mark SC ‘18, some students raised concerns about the Hugh Hefner party at CMC on Oct. 7.

–Sam Norrito SC '21

Associated Students of Pomona College

At its Thursday meeting, the Associated Students of Pomona College met with the Queer Resource Center to discuss steps to make students of color feel more comfortable at the QRC and potentially increase swipe-in access.  

Members reviewed a 5C letter of solidarity regarding communities impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault, and discussed sharing with student DJs a suggested list of entertainment artists to boycott.

ASPC also met with Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum and associate dean of student mentoring and leadership M. Ricardo Townes to discuss the role of the Incident Response Team, its approach to team member recruitment, and policies reviewed in light of the meme page incident.

Teofanny Saragi PO ’18 then presented the Collective Memory Project to highlight incidents in the Call to Action report. Chloe An PO ’18 spoke about the Bernard Field Station letter’s context for further discussion next week. President Maria Jose Vides PO ’18 declared that the 5C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has disaffiliated from the national organization.

–Helena Ong PO '20

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