Listen: The Evolving Role of College Muslim Chaplains


Three Muslim men sit on the ground
Today’s political climate has thrust new responsibilities onto Claremont’s Muslim chaplains.

The role of a Muslim chaplain on a campus is primarily to serve as a companion and spiritual guide in the lives of students and faculty, including non-Muslim students. However, the current political climate has presented Muslim chaplains – many of whom are volunteers – with the task of protecting a diverse group of students from an increasingly hostile world. TSL‘s Paul Kiefer reports in our first audio story:

Six members of the National Association of Campus Muslim Chaplains convened the weekend of Sept. 9 at Bayan Claremont, a graduate school within the Claremont School of Theology with a focus in the field of Islamic studies. The group, which included Imam Adeel Zeb, the current co-university Muslim chaplain of the Claremont Colleges, discussed methods to increase support for Muslim students, faculty, and campus chaplains.

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