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How Can Finley Call for Order Without a Gavel?

The meeting was called to order at 5:07 p.m., despite the much-lamented lack of the president’s famous gavel. President Eliza Finley PO ‘09 congratulated next year’s newly-elected senators, but was somewhat disappointed to find that only three (future President Jed Cullen PO ‘10, future Vice President of Finance Kelly Schwartz PO ‘10 who is in fact a current senate member, and future Commissioner of Communications Than Volk PO ‘10) were in attendance. Cullen said he only informed future senators of the meeting eariler that day, but expressed hope that they would attend one of the year’s final meetings. Finley then discussed a Budget Forum to be held on Apr. 22 in the Frank Blue Room. The forum will consist of a twenty-minute presentation, a question and answer session, and a platform for students to express their feelings about budget cuts. Commissioner of Academic Affairs Rhett Dornbach-Bender PO ‘09 suggested that the Senate create an informational handout to prepare students for the presentation and prevent repetitive questions. Commissioner of Sports and Clubs Iris Gardner PO ‘09 mentioned that some students might feel more comfortable giving their opinions in an anonymous feedback form afterwards.

Postpone the Mayor, Dinner Is More Important!

Finley also proposed Apr. 27, directly after that week’s Senate meeting, as a date for the traditional dinner for the present year’s Senate, the future year’s Senate, and the Pomona College deans. Finley also noted that her thesis will be complete at that time. When Zhu mentioned that problems may arise if the mayor chooses that week to speak to the group, Finley said that “he can come!” After looking at Neil Gerard’s face, she retracted her statement and told Zhu to reschedule the mayor in favor of the dinner if the issue arose. South Campus Representative Stephanie Almeida PO ’11 then reported on a Food Committee meeting regarding meal plans, held Apr. 9. The major topic of discussion was the possibility of students personalizing their meal plans further by creating their own combination, from a list of approved options, of number of meals per week and allotment of flex dollars for the semester. Although Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum has expressed doubt at the feasibility of this plan due to problems with the Business Office, the approval of Dean Ric Townes and Andrew O’Boyle, who is in charge of the Business Office, led Almeida to express hope for this more flexible meal system. The next step is to determine the available options for number of meals and flex dollars. Cullen expressed his confidence that students would have no problem with being offered greater freedom of choice, to which Almeida replied that a surprising two or three students had actually expressed disapproval of the new plan. Cullen responded that “they would have voted no on the Constitution.”

If Only I Could Get to the Village Without Walking…

Zhu announced a city council meeting the next day, Tuesday, Apr. 14, to discuss the future of the Claremont trolley. Ratings are currently low, and the city council is planning to retain the trolley for a year but with a new route. Ideally, a new stop will be included somewhere on the Claremont Colleges campuses, with one option being at 6th St. and College Way. When Zhu asked if there was student desire for this, Kwok suggested a stop further north at Pitzer College. Dornbach-Bender and Cullen agreed that this was an excellent measure, and added that it would be particularly convenient for students who take classes at Pitzer. Senior Class President Julie Tate suggested a location on North Campus, citing her personal experience with fewer ventures into the Claremont Village; Dornbach-Bender suggested Trader Joe’s as a stop. Despite the Senate’s clear investment in the Little Trolley that Could, when Zhu asked if anyone had “the time, energy, and willpower to go to the council meeting” with her, she was greeted with silence. Almeida finally “took one for the team,” and both senators will argue Tuesday night for our right to a three-block trolley ride.

Juniors In Action; Freshmen, Sophmores, and Seniors Inaction

Junior Class President Kelly Schwartz PO ‘10, presented briefly on the activities of the Juniors in Action group, founded to get the junior class more involved in the community. Last weekend, they went to the Ronald McDonald House to cook meals and help the children with arts and crafts, as well as to Community Garden in L.A. Numerous heartwarming pictures attested to the productivity of the weekend, which was declared a success despite the presence of only a few freshmen, sophomores, and seniors.

YouTube Will Save The Media

The final presentation of the meeting was conducted by Commissioner of Communications MD Ma PO ’11 regarding next year’s hiring process for The Student Life’s Editor in Chief and KSPC managerial positions. After interviews last week, the recommendations are: Kendra Atleework for KSPC summer music director; Rachel Smith PO ’11 for KSPC fall music director; Clio Beauvoir for KSPC summer and fall General Manager; Cameron Quevedo for KSPC Program Director; and Alexander Rudy PO ’11 for TSL Editor in Chief. When Finley asked if there were “any questions for MD? any doubt in his abilities?” there were no objections (aside from Kwok, who muttered “when you put it that way…”) and the recommendations were approved. Ma continued with information on the Apr. 11 media workshop, where the various media organizations on campus met to discuss improved future cooperation and collaborative programming in light of impending budget cuts. The clubs hope to produce promotional videos through Studio 47, create a YouTube ad campaign, and organize a media section at the Turf Dinner, all with the goal of harmoniously uniting all campus media clubs for good.

Senate Would Be Immortalized in Portraits, Opts for Photos on Web Instead

Perhaps the most emotional business of the meeting, however, was Finley’s final plea to Volk to collect the 2008-2009 Senate’s photos and post them on the ASPC website. As a soon-to-be-alumna, Finley practiced her Pomona nostalgia, saying that “it would be sad for us to be lost for posterity!” After Volk promised to mark their legacy on the website, the meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

—Emily Miner

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