Finalist in Associate Dean of Students Search Visits Pitzer

The Pitzer College Office of Student Affairs and a finalist in the search for the Associate Dean of Students & Director of Academic Support Services to campus to meet students and undergo further interviews for the position on Oct. 19.

The candidate is anonymous in order to comply with the wishes of the Search Committee, who wrote in an email to TSL that they are not “sharing contact information for the candidates publicly.”

She first met with students during a lunch, and then gave a presentation and interview at Broad Performance Space. Both spaces were open to students, who could give feedback on her fit for the job, and the latter was open to faculty and staff as well.

The candidate gave a presentation titled “Addressing the Challenges to Academic Success for Students with Disabilities,” where she discussed how students, faculty, and staff should continue to have dialogue with disabled students about their needs and struggles.

“It’s so important not to speak with individuals, but to have individuals speak for their own selves,” she said during the talk.

The candidate then discussed her goals as an associate dean, as well as the purposes of her program to increase dialogue with disabled students. She especially emphasized how she would work with low income, disabled students of color and how culture can cause a stigma for disabilities.

“They’re not only struggling with their own internal challenges they’re receiving, but they’re also struggling with the signals they’ve been receiving their whole life,” she said.

The candidate also discussed how her work in disability research fits into the Pitzer Core Values. She said that beginning the conversation on disability could allow students “to collaborate with each other so that they don’t feel so isolated.”

Students, staff, and faculty then commented on the candidate, rating her in eight criteria: invested interest in Pitzer, professional philosophy, leadership/work with students, teamwork, experience relevant to position, crisis and emergency response, strategic and visionary thinking and commitment to social justice. These ratings and further comments were submitted to the Search Committee.

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