Students Consider Asian-Pacific Islander Issues on AAMP Fall Retreat

Pomona students who identify as Asian American left campus for the annual Asian American Mentor Program Fall Retreat on Friday, Sept. 30 for a night of bonding, stargazing, and learning about Asian-Pacific Islander issues.

The retreat took place at Halona Cabin, in Idyllwild, Calif. Students left Pomona College at 6 p.m. and completed workshops throughout the night, in which they addressed issues that arise from stereotypes surrounding the Asian American community, such as the model minority myth–the perception that Asians achieve a higher level of socioeconomic success than the average population.

“My favorite activity was the draw me activity,” Angela Song PO ’20 said, “It was interesting to see everyone share their identities.”

Angela Ling PO ’19, an AAMP mentor, said that her favorite part of the retreat was “learning about the different experiences that everyone encounters and seeing the different perspectives.”

Ling said the most rewarding part of being a mentor is “bonding with mentees and seeing their change in perception of certain issues.”

“I found our discussion on the Pacific Islander community useful because it’s not something that’s talked about a lot,” Song said. “Although I am aware of many of the issues surrounding Asian Americans, it was good to set aside some time to ponder on these things that affect our lives on a daily basis.”

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