Senate Briefs 11/28/11

Not All Status Updates Are Created Equal

After approving the minutes from last week’s meeting, President Nate Brown ’12 gave the floor to various committee heads to present updates on their progress. Senior Class President Carrie Henderson ’12 misheard Brown and thought he had asked her to update her Facebook profile, but she got back on track once she was reminded that social networking during senate meetings is not proper etiquette. The reports went as follows:

Lloyd’s List of Committees

Commissioner for Academic Affairs William “Loyd with one L” Gamber ’13 gave an overview of the three committees that he oversees. While nothing new is happening with the Academic Procedures Committee (APC) or the Faculty Position Advisory Committee (FPAC), Gamber mentioned that next semester the Curriculum Committee will be re-examining writing and curriculum requirements. He also noted that APC is available to help students late-add or late-drop classes, which caught the attention of Vice President for Campus Activities theory friction practice ’12, who has apparently decided to drop a class two weeks before finals. Good idea in theory, perhaps not quite so much in practice.

Commissioner for Outside the Bubble Affairs

Commissioner of Off Campus Relations Alice Chan ’14 informed the Senate about recent Campus Town Committee (CTC) developments. CTC recently updated the list of stores providing student discounts; the final list should be posted on the ASPC website shortly. Also, CTC has been working on expanding the number of locations off campus at which Claremont Cash will be accepted, which is probably like getting Domino’s to accept Monopoly money.

Sanguine Sangani

First-year Class President Rishi Sangani ’15 gave the Senate an update on the First-year Class Committee. Sangani reported that the committee has begun the process of designing a class banner, but could use the help of willing first-year artists. He also highlighted the possibility of a 5C first-year mixer, intended to be a “Scripps Carnival minus the awkwardness,” which is dependent on his ability to figure out who is actually in charge of Pitzer’s student council.

Why wouldn’t you wear a Hens tank at Rains?

Everybody’s favorite Commissioner of Clubs and Sports Ari Filip ’12 was asked to give a report on his committee’s involvement in the annual Homecoming game (P-P vs. CMS) as well as a score report for the senators who couldn’t attend. His response was short: “We lost.” He added that one of the most exciting parts of the game was in the last two minutes, when P-P recovered an onside kick, or, as he put it, “It wasn’t really intended to be an onside kick, but CMC kinda muffed the return.” Hell of a game.

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