After 14 Years, Bedoya Steps Back from Sponsor Selection Process

For the past 14 years, Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life Frank Bedoya has overseen the sponsor application process. According to students involved in the process this year, however, Bedoya had little to no involvement in sponsor selection. Dean of Campus Life Ric Townes and Campus Life Coordinator Jacque Debose supervised the process.

The Office of Campus Life is currently undergoing some restructuring with the impending retirement of Housing Director Deanna Bos. As part of this transition, Bedoya will be taking over a number of Bos's responsibilities, a role which he is beginning to take on this semester. According to Townes, this transition forced Bedoya to play only a behind the scenes role in the sponsor process.

“He's remained a resource to me and the head sponsors,” Townes said. “But I don't think it's fair to expect Dean Bedoya to do all the things we expect him to do on the operation and housing side and still have a big hand in the residential side.”

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