Pomona Writing Fellow Resigns, Claims Harassment


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Steven Glick PO ’17 resigned from his position as a Pomona Writing Fellow, claiming the institution taught ideology, not writing techniques. (Abdullah Shahid • The Student Life)

On Feb. 28, Claremont Independent Editor-in-Chief Steven Glick PO ’17 published an editorial about his resignation from Pomona College’s Writing Center. Glick’s editorial outlined several incidents with the Writing Center leadership “over many months,” characterizing interactions which included meetings with the leadership and investigation about an anonymous complaint as “harassment” based on Glick’s political beliefs.

Over a span of two days, the editorial received over sixty comments and over twelve hundred Facebook likes.

According to a statement provided by Writing Center faculty Pamela Bromley, acting director of College Writing and assistant professor of politics and international relations, “Pomona College cannot discuss any specific employment situation. We value open discourse and discussion at the Writing Center. Students with all political views are welcome on our staff.”

Writing Fellow Pieter Hoekstra PO’17 wrote in an email to TSL that he “was never told at any point in training or in our mandatory pedagogy course that [he] was required to maintain particular political beliefs.”

Although there are Writing Fellows who contribute to other campus publications, Glick was the only one who wrote for the Claremont Independent. According to Glick’s editorial, the first incident leading up to his resignation was a meeting with Writing Center Team Coordinator Katherine Snell following the publication of his Claremont Independent article “that detailed a series of no-whites-allowed ‘safe spaces’ at the Claremont Colleges.”

“I try to make the Writing Center a safe space in the sense that I am always there to meet the individual writer’s needs,” Hoekstra wrote in an email to TSL. “If claims are not safe from interrogation, every student can be safe from disrespect and condescension. And that in no way compromises intellectual honesty.”

Two national publications, The College Fix and Red Alert Politics, reported on Glick’s resignation following the publication of his statement on Claremont Independent.

“Most of the stuff we write gets national media attention,” Glick said. “This is just another story for us.”

According to Glick, he resigned his position as a Writing Fellow over email. He does not plan to interact with the Writing Center further “unless some changes are made” on the part of the Writing Center.

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