CMC’s New Sports Facility Nears Completion

Claremont McKenna College’s new $60 million sports facility, the Roberts Pavilion, is nearing completion after being under construction for two years. It will open in the Fall 2016 semester for students from CMC, Harvey Mudd College, and Scripps College—the three colleges that compose the CMS athletic teams.

Roberts Pavilion will feature a two-story, 10,000 square-foot fitness room, trainer’s room, recreational gym, home and visiting team locker room area, and two large exercise rooms for yoga, dance, and other fitness classes.

Most impressively, it will have a three-story volume arena to host basketball and volleyball competitions for the CMS Stags and Athenas, as well as for other groups. It has a capacity of 1,850 individuals for games, and 2,000 for other events.

“It’s going to be be really nice,” Sara Linssen CM ’16 said. She added that the new facilities will “get people more excited to go to games.”

Max Benavidez, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications at CMC, noted that student reactions to the new facility are “overwhelmingly very positive.” Sydney Flynn CM ’18, a member of the CMS women’s soccer team, said that she is particularly looking forward to the team-specific accommodations, adding that “each team gets their own specific locker rooms.”

Alexandra Cheng CM ’18 said that CMC currently lacks dance rooms, so dancers must use the facilities at Scripps or Pomona. The new exercise rooms will be used as dance floors, Cheng said.

Linssen said that Roberts Pavilion will be a big improvement from Ducey Gym, CMC's current athletic facility. The demolition of Ducey Gym was completed two years ago, concurrent with the groundbreaking of the Roberts Pavilion.

The foundation was completed in August 2014, the structural steel was finished in early 2015, and the superstructure was built in the summer and fall of 2015.

In an email to the TSL, Benavidez said that external construction is mostly done. According to Benavidez, efforts “are now focused on external site work and internal finishes.”

The finishes will take a few more months to complete. Benavidez says that they “include, but are not limited to: flooring, terrazzo, polished concrete floor, glass railings, painting, fixtures along with arena, recreation, and fitness studio wood floors.”

The Roberts Pavilion, in addition to being used for athletic purposes, will also host events such as Athanaeum speakers, orientation, and convocation. CMC is seeking a LEED gold certification for the new building. Benavidez says that “it definitely is one of the top facilities in the country at the Division III level and probably even for many D-1 schools.”

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