Senate Briefs 11/7/11

Occupy Bike Racks (Please)

Pomona VP and Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum visited Senate this week to update senators on the somewhat controversial proposed changes to the student handbook regarding bike safety on campus. The main issue that the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) is addressing through the proposed change is the improper parking of bicycles around campus, which poses hazards to students, faculty, and staff (and TSL‘s golf cart-driving Distribution Manager, of course). The proposed policy change is still in it’s 30-day “comment period,” where students can provide feedback on the matter, and many senators brought up the issues already presented to them by their constituents. As always, the conversation brought up more questions than answers in terms of how the policy is actually going to change. However, the one thing that senators could agree on was that Pitzer has the nicest bike racks. #pomonaproblems

Now Serving: Kumquat Sorbet

During an update from North Campus Representative and Food Committee co-chair Anna Gibson PO ’12 on Pomona’s dining services, many senators asked why the dining halls have been serving obscure flavors of ice cream like black licorice. It turns out that dining service administrators have been worried about over-consumption of ice cream, and the sometimes-unimaginable assortment of flavors is an attempt to deter desert-goers. Senate Advisor Ellie Ash-Balá proposed that dining services consider adding frozen yogurt machines similar to those of Claremont McKenna College (CMC), but Environmental Affairs Commissioner Hsuanwei Fan PO ’12 pointed out that CMC can only get away with such services because “THEY AREN’T SUSTAINABLE LIKE US!” Also, Food Committee hopes to raise awareness on proper composting procedure because, according to Gibson, the compost receptacles are not being used enough. “It’s really not that hard,” Gibson said. “I mean, I’ve rarely used them, but apparently it’s not that difficult…” OOPS.

“Saint Nick” Lawson: The Santa of South Campus

South Campus Representative and Residence Hall Committee (RHC) co-chair Nick Lawson presented a very exciting update on what RHC has been up to. According to Lawson, all broken microwaves in the residence hall kitchens have been fixed or replaced by Frank Bedoya; all vending machines that were not accepting Claremont Cash have been repaired (this was confirmed by first-year Class President Rishi Sangani PO ’15); lights in poorly-lit residence hall lounges have been replaced, and, finally, most bathrooms are now sporting brand new hooks. Lawson also revealed his plan to host a South Campus snack event sometime in the future. When asked who would be responsible for running and cleaning up after the event, he replied simply, “Me.” Mr. Lawson, if you can make South Campus snack a reality, you will guarantee your seat in Senate until the end of time.

Party Like It’s 2008

Commissioner of Clubs and Sports Ari Filip PO ’12 shared the plans for this weekend’s homecoming game and its associated activities. According to Filip, there will be plenty of free handouts, and he even admitted (in a bit of a slight to the football team), “Stop by, if for nothing else but all the free stuff.” Filip also described the design for this year’s homecoming tank tops, which will be sold at the game. “Across the front it’ll say ‘Hens Hens Hens and then on the back it’ll say ‘Homecoming 2008.’ ” After a humorous acknowledgement of his mistake, Senate realized it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the shirts said 2008 because we lost that game too.

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