CMC It’s On Us Week of Action Raises Awareness of Sexual Assault

Timeline of events happening at the 5Cs

This week, Claremont McKenna College’s It’s On Us campaign held a series of events in its Week of Action to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses. On Monday, Nov. 9, students wrote messages of support for survivors of sexual assault on sticky notes that were attached to a banner, and on Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) committee hosted a forum about sexual assault in conjunction with the Title IX office. Wednesday’s event was similar to Monday’s event, except that photos were taken of students offering messages of support for survivors. On Thursday, there was a consent bake sale, where It’s On Us gave out baked goods in the shapes of genitalia that were “free for anyone who is willing to ask for our consent in giving them out,” according to Nicky Blumm, an organizer of the Week of Action and Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College’s dormitory affairs chair.

“A huge part of making these campuses a safer space is to refuse to accept shaming, negativity or a lack of support as part of our culture toward victims of sexual violence and sexual assault, or victims of oppression,” Blumm wrote in an email to TSL. “I think that it is time that these campuses make someone who dares to voice a slur toward any group feel uncomfortable. I hope that every student at the 5Cs chooses to unequivocally stand with the groups that have been hurt and are being hurt by our community.”

Update: In an email to TSL, Eliana Keinan CM ’17 and Celia Flinn CM ’16 wrote, “In light of the recent conversations occurring on campus, and the dialogues opened after brave students shared their experiences online, at student senate, and through protest, we feel the ‘It’s On Us’ message should also be used in efforts to eliminate racism and insensitivity on our campus. It’s on us to ensure that CMC is a safe place for everyone.”

Graphic by Mary Jane Coppock and Dominic Frempong. Photographers in clockwise from top left: Lauren Su, Morgan Albrecht, Will Gottsegen

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