Federal College Scorecard Data for the Claremont Colleges

The U.S. Department of Education released its College Scorecard Sept. 12, a massive compendium of data about thousands of colleges and universities. The Scorecard includes information about financial aid, completion rates and debt repayment, allowing for detailed comparisons between schools—including the Claremont Colleges.

TSL took the College Scorecard's most recent data and condensed it down to show only the Claremont Colleges. Using the glossary to the data, we've added more readable labels. The resulting spreadsheet, specific to our consortium, can be viewed here.

(Not all columns from the original data are visible in our version. We've hidden columns with no information, columns that showed only sample sizes, and columns that showed older data.)

Over the coming weeks, TSL will be reporting more stories from the federal College Scorecard data. See something in the data that needs explaining? Contact investigations@tsl.pomona.edu, and we'll see if there's a story behind it.

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