Senate Briefs 10/31/11

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Pomona’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Director of Client Services Julie Journitz and Manager of Network Architecture Patrick Flannery visited Senate this week to address some of the concerns that were highlighted in a recent TSL article (insert tooting of horn here). Journitz and Flannery reported that ITS is doing its best to fix the two main issues that have been raised—wireless Internet performance and printing capabilities. According to Journitz, many residence hall printers have been experiencing mechanical problems, and after close inspection they actually “look like they’ve been through a wrestling match.” With that said, ITS urges students to report problems as soon as they are noticed so that trained ITS staff can fix them. Also, they ask that students refrain from getting tech support tips from Kimbo Slice.

Minute Details

After Journitz and Flannery left the meeting, President Nate Brown moved to approve the minutes from last week’s meeting. The seconded motion was then unanimously passed and last week’s meeting’s minutes were recorded as “approved.” They do this every meeting but it was a really slow week, so, well, there you go.

In Case You Can’t Remember…

Vice President of Finance Leslie Appleton PO ’12 and Vice President of Campus Activities theory friction practice PO ’12 delivered a report on last Saturday’s Harwood Halloween. According to Appleton, the largest problems with this year’s party were the massive lines for food after the dancing portion of the party and the insufficient amount of food to feed all partygoers. There were also five hospital transports due to alcohol poisoning, but, at least according to the example of past years, that’s pretty much normal and therefore not a “problem.”

Climate Change

Commissioner of Community Relations Sarah Appelbaum PO ’13 informed Senate of an idea proposed by the Committee on Campus Climate and Diversity to sponsor a series of talks on campus diversity with some of the larger student groups on campus. This includes but is not limited to TSL and Senate itself. Senior Class President Carrie Henderson PO ’12 expressed doubts about the effectiveness of such talks, pointing out that when Senate attempted to sponsor similar discussions last year, roughly four people showed up. Well, if the number of students who come to Senate meetings is any indicator of how many people would come to these talks… whoops.


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