Police Arrests Three Pomona Students At Party

The Dot Party [stylized .Party()] near Bridges Auditorium at Pomona College was
shut down by the Claremont Police Department (CPD) on the night of March 7
after CPD received several noise complaints. Three Pomona students were
arrested during the dispersion process on various charges.

According to CPD call logs, all three students were arrested for public intoxication. One student was additionally charged with urinating in public and another was held for
possession of a fake ID, CPD Lieutenant Lori Davenport reported. 

“We’re over there, we understand there’s a party going on and people are going to be drinking, but that doesn’t just give them the right to
do whatever they want, including illegal acts,” Davenport said. “So unfortunately the three that
were drunk just took it to the next level.”

After the arrest, the students were taken into custody and later on transported to CPD holding cells. While the charge was dropped for the student who was charged solely with public intoxication,
the two students with two charges each will have to attend a court hearing and
pay the fines.

Octave Duclos PO ’18 and Devon
Kennedy PZ ’16, who organized the party, sent out a letter to nearby residents to inform them of
the party. The letter informed the residents to call Campus Safety or either of the two
organizers if they had any concerns about the event’s music level, providing all three phone numbers in the note.

“We think that we could have done it earlier,” Kennedy said. “One of the
best things to do in general, we want to have communication, is to do it in
person. So we might meet face-to-face next year with people.”

Duclos and Kennedy said that they put in great efforts to
prevent problems and create a safe space for students. In addition to putting up
fences around the area and creating just one entry/exit way, they planned
to have two Campus Safety officers at the entrance and another walking around.
However, no officers were present at the beginning of the party.

Interim Director of Campus Safety Stan Skipworth said that
Campus Safety had not been asked to staff the event. However, when the officers discovered the event, the organizers asked them to help monitor the proceedings.

According to Davenport, the police made two separate visits.
The first time, two officers reported to the scene and warned the organizers
that there had been a noise complaint. The second time, six officers arrived on the scene in response to four more complaints and informed Duclos and
Kennedy that the party would be shut down. Davenport said that most students
were cooperative and that the organizers responded in a timely manner.

Skipworth said that police visits to the colleges do not
concern him and that he believes the colleges are fortunate to have such an active and
diligent police force to work with.

“The noise complaint … affected the event, but numerous
people came up to both of us and were saying it was a great event,” Kennedy
said. “So we’re not too concerned about that … That is a point within the story,
but I don’t think it’s the main gist of the event.”

Lauren Ison contributed reporting.

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