ASCMC Considers Purchase of Photography Drone

In the upcoming weeks, the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College Senate will vote on a motion to purchase a photo-capable drone. 

The purchase of the drone, which would be available to students and campus organizations, is intended to increase student access to technology for art and social media. While the motion was introduced last week, many students have already begun to wonder about the details of the idea. 

Technology and Innovation Chair Alex Huesing CM ’17, a member of the ASCMC Senate who is backing the motion, said that many students have the wrong impression about the drone.

“We’re not getting this drone so we can take cool Instagram photos,” Huesing said. “But it definitely would incentivize people to go out of their way and produce compelling media for the CMC student body. The CMC community is very broad, very big and sometimes can’t be captured from one iPhone on the ground.”

Huesing added that CMC has a photography contest every year and emphasized the artistic role that the drone could play on campus. 

The drone that will be proposed to the Senate costs around $500, but members will have the opportunity to change the amount of funding if necessary.

Some students said that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Grace Rodriguez CM ’15 mentioned a program through which the Dean of Students used to subsidize student activities, such as concerts or trips to the beach.

“They reformed it after my junior year, and it has become more difficult to use, so no one really uses it anymore,” she said.

Parker LaLonde CM ’17 said that the motion could prove successful, provided the Senate has an appropriately sized budget.

“I have no problem with it since [the drone] sounds pretty cool,” LaLonde said. “But if the budget isn’t as big, and there are more important things we need to spend money on, like sports games for example, then it’s probably not a good idea.”

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