High Schoolers Brighten Prospects at Pitzer

Bright Prospect, a program that supports low-income students in applying to and attending college, held an event Saturday, Nov. 8, at Pitzer College for local high-school juniors. The event included a mock classroom experience, a club fair near the Pitzer Grove House and a campus tour.

Starting with comprehensive college counseling as early as ninth grade, Bright Prospect aims to get students “to and through” college by providing social and emotional support through the application process and undergraduate years. According to the program’s website, 100 percent of Bright Prospect’s high school students attend college, and 91 percent of the organization’s college students graduate. 

Matt Wolf PZ ’15, a student volunteer involved with the program, said that many of the staff members at this Saturday’s event were Bright Prospect alumni.

“A bunch of the staff had their college shirts on,” Wolf said. “Some said Princeton, some Yale. It shows the students that we’ve done this, we’ve made it through it and we’re your success stories.”

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