Campus Safety Picks Interim Director

Stan Skipworth has been appointed as the Interim Director of Campus Safety, effective Nov. 1. Though the Claremont
University Consortium (CUC) is searching for a permanent director of
campus safety, a position vacant since February 2014, a search committee
decided to first hire an interim director due to the extensive amount of
time it takes to find a permanent replacement.

The position of
Director of Campus Safety became vacant when Shahram Ariane resigned in February to rejoin the Los Angeles Dodgers as the team’s head of security.

Since then, Dean
Manship, CUC’s Emergency Preparedness Planning Manager, has been taking on the
mantle of interim director. The committee looked for a more long-term interim director to allow Manship to focus on his main responsibilities
for emergency preparedness, according to the consortium’s CEO, Stig Lanesskog.

Skipworth works at the University of La Verne as Senior Director of Campus
Safety and Transportation. A graduate of La Salle University with a B.S. in
Criminal Justice Management, Skipworth has over 20 years of experience in
public safety. He worked as Assistant Chief and then Chief of Police for the California State University, Long Beach, Police Department from 2000 to 2011. Under his leadership, the department reported the lowest crime rate of all
23 CSU campuses from 2007-2011.

Skipworth wrote in an email
to TSL that he is grateful for the
opportunity to join the Claremont Colleges community.

“Each of my visits and meetings with
members from many areas across the Claremont campuses have
genuinely impressed me,” Skipwroth
wrote. “I
am excited … to add my energy and experience to the
team of safety professionals.”

As interim director, he will
have full responsibility for CUC’s Campus Safety under the direction of
Lanesskog. Skipworth’s term will last through this academic year.

“As an Interim Director, I am committed to
establishing relationships with each of the constituencies of our campuses, to
work diligently with our partners and to advance existing or new forms of
safety programming that all students, staff and faculty will hold in high
confidence,” Skipworth wrote.

Ricardo Morales PO ’15, the vice president for campus activities for the Associated Students of Pomona
College, said that he
has heard student complaints in the past about Campus Safety officers exerting
too much control over the party scene. Morales hopes that Skipworth will bring a
positive change.

“I’m hoping we have a really
good relationship because we need them at the parties. They’re important people
to have there,” Morales said. “So I’m really hoping for a positive experience
and relationship but also for them to realize that Pomona is not like every
other school. We’re very unique in our culture and what we deem safety.”

To assist with the search, the consortium hired a search firm and formed a
campus-wide search committee. The committee’s 11 members represent most
of the seven colleges in the CUC.

Lanesskog wrote in
an email to TSL that the search was delayed
because of his appointment as the new CEO. Lanesskog, who began his role Aug. 1, made finding a director of Campus Safety his top long-term goal, along
with preparing a financial system for CUC and the colleges.

Looking forward,
the same committee will work together again with the contracted firm to find the best candidate for the permanent position.

“Although it is
too soon for specifics, any initiatives that are undertaken will be done in
consultation with the presidents, student deans and other campus
administrators,” Lanesskog wrote in an email to TSL.

emphasized community participation in the ongoing search process.

“As that search
proceeds, we will be happy to keep the campus communities informed, especially
as we schedule on-campus interviews,” Lanesskog wrote.

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