Rob Fossum Retires from Pitzer After 29 Years

After 29 years at Pitzer College, Rob Fossum resigned from his role as director of special programs
and campus operations. His last day was Jan. 31, according to a college-wide email announcement. 

Fossum oversaw various summer
programs, including the summer conference programs, summer sessions, and
international and high school programs that use Pitzer facilities. Fossum also oversaw intramural sports, worked with the registrar, and managed the
advertisement of school information on Pitzer’s website. 

Jim Marchant, executive director of advancement and special projects at Pitzer, said that Fossum played an integral role in providing
structure to Pitzer’s pre-existing programs.

“Rob was very smart, very organized,” Marchant said. “We have a reputation at Pitzer to
go with the flow, and that works great in a lot of ways. But you need structure
to make it more efficient, and Rob was really skilled at that.”

Jason Engel PZ ’13 worked with Fossum as a student manager for summer conferences. 

“Everyone liked him,” said Engel, who is now the academic support coordinator at Pitzer. “He was a really good guy.” 

Engel added that he had a positive relationship with many students. 

“Rob has always been … amazing toward students,” he said.

Engel said that Fossum always treated his employees well, and one of his greatest contributions to Pitzer was the revenue he raised for the school.  

brought in millions of dollars for the school, to help fund different buildings
being built and our endowment,” Engel said. 

Marchant also commented on Fossum’s fundraising prowess. 

“Rob had
goals and objectives that he wanted to accomplish, and he consistently exceeded
his revenue goals,” he said.

Marchant added that Fossum brought the
Zipcar program to Pitzer, and personally made enhancements to the wooden
display cases in the lobby of the McConnell Center.

“He’s a very talented and passionate woodworker,” Marchant said.

Fossum notified Engel in a recent email that he is now spending more time with his son.

“Rob is enjoying his time, and he hasn’t really decided on his
next step yet,” Engel said.

Fossum could not be reached for comment. 

According to Drew Herbert, associate dean of students for campus life, Pitzer has started a search to replace Fossum. Other staff members have taken over his responsibilities in the interim. 

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