Pitzer Student Senate Briefs

With Thanksgiving break tantalizingly on the_x000D_
horizon, the Nov. 24 Pitzer Student Senate meeting was a brisk affair. Senators were treated to a celebrity cameo in_x000D_
the form of Pitzer College Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Carlisle, who gave an administrative update on the_x000D_
New Resources Students (NRS) housing debate. While his report mostly just indicated that there was nothing yet to report,_x000D_
he said that there was “overwhelming support” for the campaign to let NRS_x000D_
students live on campus. He said that_x000D_
Pitzer’s housing working group had met, and that NRS housing had been the_x000D_
primary topic of discussion. Carlisle emphasized that if NRS_x000D_
students are permitted to live in the Pitzer residence halls, they will be subject to the same regulations as all other_x000D_
students are; for example, they will not be allowed to live with a spouse, and they_x000D_
will not be granted housing over summer and winter breaks. The discussion will continue next_x000D_

Later in_x000D_
the meeting, Senate Chair Nicolás Romo PZ ’14 announced the creation of an ad_x000D_
committee that will plan the new Student Voice Week next semester. He begged senators to wrest their minds from_x000D_
thoughts of Thanksgiving turkey and make suggestions about Student Voice Week events. One idea put forth was a community discussion_x000D_
about Keck Graduate Institute’s recent partnership with the Minerva Project, through which_x000D_
the graduate school will offer online classes to undergraduate students as they travel the globe. Another senator suggested using technology to enhance the events.

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