ASPC Senate Briefs

The Nov. 19 meeting of the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate began with a guest visit by Kara Everin and Kayla McCulley from the Alumni Relations office, according to the meeting minutes. They invited students to contact the office for support, including help connecting to alumni, receiving funding and using Seaver House. 

ASPC President Darrell Jones III PO ’14 announced that the budget committee reviewed the budget and determined that there is no extra money for the security fund, but the committee will consider reallocating the budget at the end of the semester. Another option under consideration is raising student fees next year. 

Senators also discussed ASPC’s subscription to The New York Times, determining that the current subscription is the best deal. Commissioner of Environmental Affairs Emma Fullem PO ’14 suggested creating space in the dining halls where students can drop off their read newspapers to be read by other students. South Campus Representative Nico Kass PO ’16 also introduced the thrifty proposition that ASPC scrap its subscription and divert the savings into the security fund.

When the floor opened for general discussion, Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations Lazaros Chalkias PO ’16 asked why the grill at Frary stops operating before the doors close, to which Fullem responded that workers start cleaning up early to make sure they finish before their break begins. Kass and North Campus Representative Frances Kyl PO ’14  reported that they have had a hard time coordinating their schedules with administrators for_x000D_
meetings because student representatives are elected so late in the year; it was proposed in response that ASPC change its bylaws to establish a set time for committee meetings that those representatives attend.

Senators also discussed a possible plan to retrofit centrally located water fountains on campus to make it easier for students to fill their water bottles, and Fullem observed that goose-neck fittings for water fountains would be cheaper than water filtration systems. 

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