ASPC Renames CCLA to Pomona Events Committee

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate voted Monday to change the name of the Committee for Campus Life and Activities (CCLA) to the Pomona Events Committee (PEC).

The newly-titled PEC is an ASPC-funded committee that plans dances, parties, and cultural events at Pomona College. The committee hosts annual events like Harwood Halloween and Smiley ’80s, weekly events like Table Manners and movie screenings, trips off campus, and special events like food tastings and speaker presentations.

According to PEC Annual Events Committee Chair Caroline Rubin PO ’12, the name change was motivated by a desire to clarify that PEC is a Pomona committee. Rubin said some students think the “CC” in the CCLA acronym stands for “Claremont Colleges.”

“Hardly anyone on campus knows what CCLA stands for… or what it does,” she said.

According to Rubin, a name change for CCLA has been on the table for years. At Monday’s Senate meeting, ASPC Commissioner for Campus Life and Activities theory friction practice PO ’12 said that the subcommittee reviewing a name change for CCLA chose “PEC” because it included “Pomona” in its name and because the name fits in with the bird theme of Pomona’s mascot, the sagehen.

“I really like the new name,” Rubin said. “I think it is clear and catchy, and it states who the group is and what we do.”

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