ASPC Senate Briefs

Self-reflection is always healthy, and the Oct. 15 meeting of the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate showed that the student government does not shy away from it. The senators spent some time discussing a piece of legislation supported by ASPC President Darrell Jones III PO ’14 and Vice President for Finance Eric Martinez PO ’14 that would create a system of self-evaluation whereby Jones and Martinez would evaluate the rest of the senators, who in turn would evaluate Jones and Martinez. The group hotly discussed Section 4D, which would make the evaluation results public on the ASPC website and link especially poor results to senator pay. Despite support from Jones, senators ultimately voted against the measure.  


Other topics of the meeting included an update that Junior Class President Don Swan PO ’15 and his subcommittee had finished their audit of Pomona’s North Campus parking garages; they found that the garage beneath Sontag Hall is indeed usually at capacity. Swan plans to meet with Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Campus Services Bob Robinson to discuss possible solutions. Commissioner of Environmental Affairs Emma Fullem PO ’14 informed the group that the hydration stations soon to be installed around campus likely will not have advanced filtration systems due to cost constraints. Some senators had concerns about water taste, among them Martinez, who suggested a flavored water option, but Fullem assured the group that tap water is better than no water. After all, as Senior Class President Emma Wolfarth PO ’14 put it, “We’re college students. We drink out of beer pong cups.”

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