PUB Cancelled Pending Investigations

PUB, the weekly party hosted by Pomona College’s Kappa Delta (KD) fraternity, has been suspended while the college conducts investigations into several allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

Pomona students were informed of the reasons for the suspension in an e-mail notification sent Oct. 10 from Associate Dean of Students Daren Mooko. The e-mail notified students of a reported “non-consensual sexual contact” at the first PUB of the year, which took place Sept. 18. 

“As an interim step, the Dean of Students office has decided to suspend Pub until the investigation is complete,” the e-mail read. “The suspension is not intended to be punitive, but rather an interim measure during the investigation.”

Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum said the suspension is also directly connected to a separate investigation the college initiated based on evidence of gender-based harassment. 

Mooko, the college’s Title IX Coordinator, is investigating the reported sexual assault, Feldblum said. She said that grievance officers in the Dean of Students’ office handle the harassment investigation separately from Mooko’s. 

Feldblum added in an e-mail to TSL that the decision to suspend PUB “was also taken in the context of last year’s audit, KD’s efforts to address the concerns raised by the audit, and subsequent incidents in the spring.” 

“Obviously, it was surprising to us … we all really enjoy PUB and enjoy hosting it,” KD President Travis Bowers PO ’14 said. “We’re trying to make it as safe as possible of an event, so it was alarming that there was an incident at the first party we hosted.” 

The e-mail containing the notification about the alleged sexual assault at PUB is part of the notification system that the 7Cs are implementing to inform students about sexual misconduct across the consortium.

The e-mail also contained a notification of a sexual assault that was recently reported to have occurred at the Harwood Halloween Party in October 2012.

Feldblum said that the college is taking measures to make this year’s Harwood Halloween Party safer. 

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