ASHMC Council Briefs

A discussion about the possible mechanization of the room-draw system jump-started the Oct. 6 meeting of the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) Council. The Council then debated a request from South Dorm President Gourav Khadge HM ’15 for funding for a new projector. After deliberating over which projector’s vents will likely suck in less air, the Council members agreed on funding for a projector and the motion was passed. 


Council members then discussed movie nights, funding for intramural sports prizes, and yearbook staff selection. The Council also asked for volunteers to run the ASHMC Facebook page, a request that was met with energetic nods and discreet “I’ll do it!” facial expressions from the closet Facebook stalkers in the room.


The Council proceeded to discuss the formation of subcommittees related to funding and increasing underclassmen involvement, as well as joint student-faculty committees to discuss the Honor Code. ASHMC President Travis Athougies HM ’14 announced that the Honor Code committee would comprise three students and various faculty members, along with three ASHMC members: “I, myself, and Bev” (“Bev” referring to Disciplinary Board Chair Beverly Yeh ’14). The announcement was met with an awkward silence during which the other members attempted to figure out the difference between “I” and “myself.” 

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