ASHMC Council Briefs

The Nov. 24 Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) Council meeting began as the last rays of melancholy autumn sunshine filtered into the Linde Activities Center, causing the dust particles to sparkle in their characteristic Brownian dance. The rustling of papers, clicking of keys, and cricket-like chirping of the air conditioner filled the room as Council members lined up for snacks—kettle corn and Star Wars gummies.

The meeting continued with a discussion on improving the ASHMC website and implementing a website interface through which students can browse past Honor Code violations (instead of the current system in which students receive a single digest per year) and view weekly Council meeting minutes. 

While going around the table, West Dorm President Sagar Batchu HM ’17 marveled at the freakishly large turnout at the 5C Wild Wild West party Nov. 23, and East Dorm President Sidra Hussain HM ’14 poured forth a dramatic lament on why East wasn’t able to acquire a bounce house for Funball on Friday. Someone also noted that first-year elections for the Honor Board are happening soon, but an exact date was not specified. 

Senior Class President Jack Ma HM ’14 then detailed the agenda for the annual Senior Week, a week of fun for graduating seniors that includes an overnight excursion to Las Vegas and a paintball trip, and culminates with an exhilarating graduation rehearsal. The Council also discussed various incentives to encourage student involvement in ASHMC, such as monetary stipends, reduced room and board costs, and free ASHMC-themed underwear from Victoria’s Secret. This final suggestion, while received with much enthusiasm, was unfortunately not taken seriously.

Annisa Dea HM ’17 was also appointed as HMC’s student representative to the Board of Student Stakeholders of the Honnold/Mudd Library.

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