Pitzer and Scripps Announce Election Results

Pitzer College 

Pitzer Student Senate elections were held Sept. 22-27, with results announced over the weekend. 

John Rochefort PZ ’15 was elected Co-Treasurer for the spring semester. In the meantime, he will serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.

“My goal as Treasurer and an Executive Board member of Senate is to increase the number of students involved and interested in on-campus activities,” Rochefort said. “Pitzer is a very passionate campus; everyone has opinions about something, so now it’s getting everyone to act on those opinions.”

As Co-Treasurer, Rochefort said his first order of business will be getting to know all the club leaders at Pitzer. He hopes to make sure all clubs receive adequate funding throughout the year. 

Kip White PZ ’14 and Ami Kikuchi PZ ’17 were elected to the Aesthetics Committee.

“I want the committee to push harder to engage artists—and non-artists—to create small or medium-sized artworks, just because we can,” White wrote in an e-mail to TSL

White said he also hopes to make art more prevalent throughout campus and to install new surfaces on which to create art.

“Student art doesn’t have to be synonymous with student painting—I’m guilty of this too—why not student sculpture?” he wrote.

Kikuchi’s goal is to make the art at Pitzer more easily accessible for students.

“I ran for Aesthetics because I want to help make Pitzer a better place for students to live, and I want to make it easier for students to express themselves through art,” she said. “I want to do an art event on campus in which students can participate.” 

Chris Cohen PZ ’16 was one of five students elected to the Pitzer Judicial Council, which deals with student misconduct and violations of the Pitzer Student Code. Cohen said he plans to uphold the responsibilities given to him while looking for ways the Council can improve.

“I aspire to provide for Judicial Council a different way of viewing consequences, one that values and applies restorative justice over punitive consequences,” Cohen said. “I genuinely care about helping [to] provide the best and most productive courses of action for any students who have deviated from their responsibilities as members of our community, or who need assistance with anything falling under the Judicial Council’s jurisdiction.” 

Anna Pleskunas PZ was elected Transfer Representative.

“My biggest goal is to make all the transfers feel welcome and recognized in this community throughout their transition process,” she wrote in an e-mail to TSL. “There were a few hiccups on the administrative end initially, such as forgetting to hire us a peer mentor and not having any of our keys or ID cards ready during move-in.”

Pleskunas wrote that while there is no single method she would recommend for transfer students to integrate into the community, they will find their niche in a variety of ways.

“For me joining clubs, getting involved, and contributing to this community is the best way for me to find my place at Pitzer,” she wrote.

Josue Pasillas PZ ’17 was elected First-Year Representative.

“My agenda includes working to improve communication between first-years though social media, working to improve the image of the Student Senate, getting more students, especially first-years, engaged at the college, collaborating with student governments at the 5Cs to address issues in the consortium, and working with college faculty and staff to move Pitzer College forward,” he wrote in an e-mail to TSL.

He added that he will host several meetings for the first-year class and try to “effectively communicate with all first-years to better represent them and their opinions.”

Scripps College

Molly Fassler SC ’14 was elected Secretary of Scripps Associated Students in an election held on Sept. 26 after the previously elected secretary resigned. Fassler was not available for comment. 

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