ASPC Senate Briefs

After an initial discussion of whether to disband the first Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate meeting of the year due to a high number of missing members (it was an enticingly beautiful day), enough members arrived to keep the boat floating. First on the docket was a group pat on the back for the recent ASPC plant sale. Academic Affairs Commissioner Julia Austenfeld PO ’15 did a great job researching prices for the plants. Vice President for Finance Eric Martinez PO ’14 did a stellar job with in-person plant sales. Others were also commended for their participation in the plant party.


Getting down to business, the senators discussed student appointments for the Study Abroad Committee, which will read and evaluate this semester’s applications. Senior Class President Emma Wolfarth PO ’14 made a few calls and, with some coaxing and charm, found two volunteers for the job. The senators are also in the process of finalizing the lists of members for their respective committees, so cross your fingers, nervous applicants! Also, don’t be afraid to find your friendly senator at the next college event and treat them to an ASPC-funded beer, just in case.


And what would be a meeting of Pomona students without some good old-fashioned Claremont McKenna College bashing, especially since those CMC kids keep parking in our North Campus parking garage? The senators threw around ideas varying from security cameras to super-high fines for parking violations, but eventually settled on a possible robotic arm at the entrance to the lot. This arm would only respond to Pomona ID cards, so voilà! Problem solved. Unfortunately, this arm could cost several thousand dollars, so a subcommittee was formed to investigate the issue.


Also in the works is a vending machine that could sell (depending on what products the Senate eventually chooses) condoms, Plan B emergency contraception, lube, aspirin, water, hopes, dreams, etc. A subcommittee was formed to investigate the machine’s potential benefits, costs, and risks, so the governmental system can function as efficiently as possible. Like always.

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