Senate Briefs 10/3/11

Hangin’ with my PE@Ps

Vice President for Campus Activities theory friction practice ’12 updated Senate on the proposed name change for the Committee for Campus Life and Activities (CCLA), ASPC’s event planning and party-throwing committee. Three possible names included ECOMM (Events Committee), EAP (Events at Pomona), and PE@P (Planning Events @ Pomona). Senior Class President Carrie Henderson ’12 perked up at the third proposal: “It’s like your peeps are planning a partayyy!”

Big Brother (Brown) is Watching You

President Nate Brown ’12 asked senators to brainstorm ideas to make the upcoming Harwood Halloween party safer. Word on the street is that the Office of Campus Life (OCL) has already asked sponsors to prepare “goody bags” for their sponsees to make sure they are eating during the night. The administration has also made plans to turn the second level of the new South Campus Parking Structure into a health center with an ambulance and medical professionals on standby. ASPC adviser Ellie Ash recommended that everyone attending Harwood Halloween wear closed-toed shoes, which shouldn’t be too hard seeing as nearly everyone lost their flip-flops at Foam two weeks ago and closed-toed shoes are all we have left. One last suggestion was to hire photographers to “shame” people into shaping up for the event. Gotcha!—Nate Brown’s watching.

Kickbacks on Their Kickbacks

President Brown then proposed that Senate post a summary of ASPC’s budget on its website, which would cover how ASPC funds are distributed. This did not sit well with the other senators (ahem—what happened to “transparency?”), who feared that students might question the financial practices of ASPC. Vice President practice suggested instead that Senate post specific achievements on the website rather than a budget. “It’s more useful to let students know what we are doing—not just giving them a number,” they said. Senators tried to compromise on the matter, particularly Anna “Let’s Make a Really Fun Pie Chart” Gibson, but eventually President Brown reverted to a classic ASPC Senate strategy and appointed a committee to compile ideas. Senators expressed concerns that students would question their financial decisions, but considering the underwhelming attendance of students at public Senate meetings (ahem—ZERO), this humble TSL reporter doesn’t think anyone will make much of a fuss.

Zombies Bring the Dolla Dolla Billz

President Brown was happy to announce to Senate that ASPC will once again be participating in the Amazon Associates program, which means that any purchases students make on Amazon by clicking the link on ASPC’s website will generate five to ten percent of the total cost of the purchases as earnings for ASPC. While this is an exciting opportunity to raise funds, it’s too bad that it comes on the heels of the Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) tournament, seeing as ASPC could have made approximately $500,000 from Nerf gun sales.

The ASPC Honesty Box

South Campus Representative Nick Lawson ’14 put forth the idea of an online blog to provide a forum for senators to keep in touch with their constituents. Senators debated whether an online “suggestion box” would be a better idea (ahem—TRANSPARENCY???), but they eventually voted to table the topic after failing to come to a consensus. It would appear the senators prefer to communicate with their constituents through the TSL Senate Speaks column—oh wait, they forgot to submit that this week. Awesome show, great job senators!

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