Pitzer Elects New Representatives

The Student Senate elections for Pitzer College took place from April 16 to April 19, and the official results were released Tuesday.

For this election, a new student organizations management system implemented by the Office of Student Affairs, OrgSync, was used to facilitate the elections.

“OrgSync made the elections easier on the back end, as votes were automatically verified when cast,” said current Pitzer Student Senate Chair Jonathan Rice PZ ’13.

Rice said that the new system may have been the cause of a slightly lower student participation rate than in past years.

“A little over 200 students voted in this year’s election, [which is] over 20 percent of the student body. This is a little bit lower than in past years, but the Executive Board and I believe that it relates to conducting elections on OrgSync for the first time; students may have been uncomfortable with the new system,” Rice said.

Last Friday, the Executive Board met with Associate Dean Chris Brunelle to verify the election results and notify winners. The unofficial election results were sent out via e-mail to the entire student body after the elected students confirmed their commitment to the positions, and the official election results were sent out two days later. On Sunday, the incoming and outgoing Executive Board met to fill the appointed positions.

Although over 40 people applied for 46 positions available, many remained open due to the fact that the Executive Board reserved a few spots for incoming first-years for the fall election.

Positions on the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) and the Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee (APT) are two-year terms available for rising juniors. Appointments alternate, so FEC and APT have a junior and a senior as representatives each year.

The election results are: Nicholas Romo PZ ’14 as Chair of Student Senate; Matt Hoffer PZ ’14 as Vice Chair; Bailey Masullo PZ ’15 as Treasurer; Andrea Gochi PZ ’14 as Secretary; Ryan Daly PZ ’16 as Communications Secretary; Melissa Hernandez PZ ’15, Lenore Byers PZ ’16, and Uriel Rafael PZ ’14 as Academic Planning Committee; Nicole Pilar PZ ‘14, Lauren Phipps PZ ‘15, and Amalie Van Kennen PZ ‘14 as Academic Standards Committee; Evan Slovak PZ ‘14 and Stephen Colon PZ ‘15 as Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee; Mackenzie Sundborg PZ ’15 and Karl Kiser PZ ’15 as Aesthetics Committee; Charles Yates PZ ’15, Kimberly Mayo PZ ’16, Cesar Vargas PZ ‘14, and Braden Bernards PZ ‘15 as Campus Life; Esther Ha PZ ’14, Isabelle Le PZ ‘14, and Amanda Leon PZ ‘16 as Diversity Committee; Jasmine Ortlieb as Curriculum Committee; Jennifer Galligan PZ ‘14 as External Studies Committee; Braden Holstege PZ ‘14 and Claire Bacon PZ ‘15 as Faculty Executive Committee; Lora Funk PZ ‘16 as Teaching and Learning Committee; Tim Kanellitsas PZ ‘16 as Student Alumni Relations Committee; Vanessa Tam PZ ‘14 and Nicholas Weinmeister PZ ‘15 as Office of Student Affairs Advisory Committee; Allison Donine PZ ’16 as Environmental Senator; Braden Holstege PZ ’14, Maria Krol-Sinclair PZ ’15, Vanessa Tam PZ ’14, and Alexander Rivera PZ ’14 as Judicial Council; Sonal Jessel PZ ’15 as Pitzer Activities (PAct) Representative; Yujian Gao PZ ’15 as International Student Representative; Audrey Kolb PZ ’14 as New Resources Student Program Representative; Jack Higgins PZ ’14 as Off-Campus Representative; Will Thorson PZ ’16 as Sophomore Representative; Amber Hassanein PZ ’15 as Junior Representative; and Kyle Roland PZ ’14 as Senior Representative.

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