PZ, PO Students Accept Udall Honor

Newly announced Udall Scholars Keiko Budech PZ ’14, Jess Grady-Benson PZ ’14, and Jennifer Schmidt PO ’14 will be able to attend a four-day conference in Tucson, Ariz. this August to meet environmental policymakers and receive a scholarship of up to $5,000 for their senior-year tuitions. The 2013 Udall Scholars, 50 students from 43 different colleges and universities nationwide, were notified March 27.

All three of the 5C Udall Scholars this year are currently working on environmental projects and plan to pursue careers in environmental protection.

Schmidt wrote in an e-mail to TSL that she thinks the consortium’s support has contributed to the growing number of Udall Scholars from the 5Cs.

“[The fact that] that the 5Cs have had so many Udall honorees lately isn’t just due to the hard work of the students, although that’s certainly part of it,” Schmidt wrote. “It also reflects the high level of support of the broader 5C community when it comes to environmental activism, which I find really encouraging.”

All three of this year’s Udall Scholars from the 5Cs mentioned the support and positive influence of both Lena Connor PO ’13 and Kristen Dobbin PZ ’13, last year’s Udall Scholars, in applying for the scholarship this year.

“The application process was extensive and fairly stressful, but it was also rewarding because it forced me to think about my long-term career goals and what I’m truly passionate about within the environmental field. Even if I hadn’t received the scholarship, I would be glad that I went through that process,” Grady-Benson said.

The three 2013 Udall Scholars from the 5Cs were selected from 488 candidates from over 230 colleges and universities nationwide. The Udall Foundation, founded by Congress in 1992, strives to promote the preservation and protection of American national heritage through scholarships, internships, and fellowship programs that emphasize environmental or Native American issues.

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