New ASCMC Officers Elected

Over 400 students voted in the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) elections Feb. 28, naming Aditya Pai CM ’13 president and Miles Bird CM ’13 vice president, as well as deciding six other positions.    

Jessica Mao CM ’12, the current ASCMC president, said that the election was the most “boring” one she’s seen in her four years at CMC.    

“I think it’s gotten progressively more boring because we’re all so nice. Everyone was so peaceful this year,” she said. “I think all of the candidates were really well-qualified. It was exciting in the sense that in a lot of the positions anyone could do a good job, so, who’s gonna win? What’s gonna happen?”    

Pai, who is the current ASCMC vice president, and who was sophomore and freshman class president, will take the reins from Mao next semester.    

Newly-elected Student Life Council Chair Mohammad Abdul-Rahim CM ’15 already has plans for the next academic year. The Student Life Council is in charge of alcohol-free events on CMC’s campus. 

“I have a lot of friends that don’t drink, so they don’t go out to any of the parties and end up sometimes just spending the weekend not going out,” he said. “I want to have a big event each week, the size of TNC, where people can actually come and they don’t have to drink. I’m not anti-drinking, it’s not something that I’m against, but I think there should be the other option.”    

New President of the Class of 2014 Maddie Hall CM ’14 said she hopes to organize fun activities to bring her class together, even when a lot of the juniors are abroad.    

“My focus will be on increasing class unity,” she wrote in an e-mail to TSL. “I believe that the class of 2014 can gain cohesiveness next year. I plan on executing this by ensuring that students remain connected with CMC and the rest of the class while they are abroad through care packages, Skype, and friendly e-mails. I also plan on hosting ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Welcome back’ parties for all students who go off-campus and make sure that everyone has a good transition back. Additionally, those students who will remain on campus next year will really have a chance to bond together. I want to showcase our unique talents so our class can bond on a deeper level. From hosting a sailing trip, spa day, rap battle or dance off, as president I will work hard to host a wide range of fun events.”    

Complete Election Results:    

President: Aditya Pai CM ’13    

Vice President: Miles Bird CM ’13    

Social Affairs Council Chair: Steven Limandibratha CM ’14    

Dorm Affairs Council Chair: Alexandra Cooke CM ’14    

Student Life Council Chair: Mohammad Abdul-Rahim CM ’15    

Class of 2013 President: Clare Riva CM ’13    

Class of 2014 President: Maddie Hall CM ’14    

Class of 2015 President: Demetrius Lalanne CM ’15

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