Pitzer Searches for CAPAS Director

Pitzer College's Center for Asian and Pacific American Studies (CAPAS) is going through a transition of leadership. CAPAS is looking for both an interim director and a permanent director.

The interim director will work through the end of this school year, after which the permanent director will take over. 

CAPAS has conducted a small-scale search for an interim director, relying solely on recommendations and word-of-mouth. Two candidates are currently being considered for the position. 

CAPAS plans to conduct a national search for the permanent director beginning in the spring.

“The most important trait in a director should be transparency,” wrote Esther Ha PZ '14, one of CAPAS’s program coordinators, in an e-mail to TSL. “It is crucial for the students to be aware of how and why certain events, programs and workshops are happening so that we could be knowledgeable about the goals of each event as well as how it is being put on.”

During CAPAS's search for an interim director, Dean of Students Moya Carter is overseeing the center and its budget.

Ha wrote that she is excited for the perspective that a new director will bring.

“It would be refreshing to brainstorm about new traditions and programs that the current API community needs,” she wrote. “I would love to see CAPAS staff be more enthusiastic and motivated to work on different programs for the community.”

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